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Stay awake for 24 hours
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Note Added
Note added by Pawel. 3 years ago
Nocka w pracy plus wizyta u dentysty
Note Added
Nach unserem Strick-/Zockabend sind Alexa und ich am Freitag bis 7 Uhr wach geblieben
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Note added by Gabriele N.. 4 years ago
i had to. i had a flight at 6am, i had to be at the airport at 4am, so i couldn't sleep at all that night. i stayed up until the next day's late evening
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Note added by Shannon. 5 years ago
Kind of hard to sleep through the contractions.
Note Added
Note added by Shannon. 5 years ago
The night before my first child was born.
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Note added by Tanisha M.. 5 years ago
For my birthday I celebrated a 24 hour 24th. As of right now I have been awake for 29 almost 30 hours. Time for bed I guess
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Note added by Elle Swan. 6 years ago
Up for 39 hours, October 31/November 1 2012
Note Added
Note added by Gabriele N.. 6 years ago
almost! yesterday i woke up at 7am and i went to bed this morning at 8am. but i had an hour of a nap yesterday in the afternoon, so i guess this doesn't count.
Note Added
Note added by Lucy Fraser. 7 years ago
New Years 2011/2012
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Note added by Hayley Purser. 8 years ago
Accopmlisheddd. Relay For Life 2010.
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Note added by Claire Aylward. 8 years ago
Performed in America, exactly one week before I left. We stayed up, played Apples to Apples for hours, sung a rendition of "I Want it That Way" and filmed it, read Twilight to try and stay awake for the last two hours, and almost failed.