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Note Added
Note added by Sharon. 7 months ago
Watched a dubbed version of The Satellite Girl and Milk Cow ( at a local theater. It was really weird.
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Note added by Abby Townsend. 9 months ago
Rien à déclarer
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Note added by Cynthia. 2 years ago
Note Added
le petit prince
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Note added by Erika F. 3 years ago
all for the winner (1990) is hilarious
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Note added by Teresa Barroso. 4 years ago
Barfi! (2012) - India
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Note added by Inez. 4 years ago
Intouchables, beautiful movie!
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Note added by Sarah. 5 years ago
(The) Happy Life
Watched it 'cuz it has Jang Geuk Suk in it, and it sounded good.

It's amazing! Watch it!
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Note added by Casey Senst. 6 years ago
Watched a Korean drama called Sunny. A 2011 movie about a group of girls and their strong bond as kids in school together and how they are all reunited when they are older as one of them is diagnosed with cancer. I thought it was an alright movie, it had it's funny moments as well as pretty emotional moments.
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Note added by Jomarie Mauricio. 6 years ago
Detective Dee and The Phantom Flame: A movie about the first Chinese Empress and how she established an old nemesis to find out who and what was killing high officials of the council. Good Chinese movie on Netflix.
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Note added by Nellie Allen. 6 years ago
Pans Labrynth
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Note added by Michelle Lee. 6 years ago
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
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Note added by Jessica Graham. 7 years ago
Watched Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest, which was in Swedish with English subtitles.
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Note added by AnneMijn. 7 years ago
Battle Royale, Japanes
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Note added by Rita Ferreia. 7 years ago
De Vrais Mensonges (19.12.2011)
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Note added by Tarisian-DayZero. 7 years ago
Part of 50 Films