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I had two friends over for a weekend. One from Australia and one from Germany. They had never been to Bruges so it was a great opportunity to go on a canal boat along the waterways of Bruges.

Brooklyn Bridge, 15th January 2015

Pastry cooking class - Paris. September 2014
Michaela Fowler on goal Take a cooking class2 people like this

I went to Reading Festival August 2014 for a weekend with my friends.

Calgary in the AM, walking to my work course.

Washington DC, September 2014

I could not ask for more. ♥

Howloween at the Wisconsin Humane Society

We won 2nd Place at the costume contest (dressed as a Smore)

Amazing Neuschwantstein! December 2013 xx
Lauren O'Hara on goal Visit Neuschwanstein CastleOne person likes this

Would definitely like to do more of this

Marcus and I did this on our 3rd Anniversary weekend in London. We went up on the London Eye on Saturday 13th December 2014 - it was amazing
Lizzi Kilpatrick on goal Take a ride on London’s Eye3 people like this

My dad took me for my birthday a few years ago and it was absolutely amazing.
Shiccy on goal Go dog sledding3 people like this

Megan Haider on goal Get Married5 people like this

Maike Prewett on goal Hike the Great Wall of China4 people like this

Christie Ann P on goal Visit Frederiksborg Castle2 people like this

It only would have been better if it was only for adults ;)

Got two more people into cycling

I'm on the left with my colour buddy!!
Janine Meadley on goal Run the Color Run3 people like this

Alina Radoicic on goal Move to Saint Petersburg2 people like this

Susie Morgan on goal Visit the Getty Villa in Malibu3 people like this