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august 2013- january 2014 !

My own grown tomatoes and green peppers :)
Kimberly Schünemann on goal Grow something from a seedOne person likes this

Andrea SaMar on goal Visit BogotáOne person likes this

Went to Positivus 2014 with some friends. What an amazing experience. Got nothing bad to say. Definitely going again next year if there are some good bands.

Chelsea DeMarco on goal Go skydiving2 people like this

Amazing! Four hours on the lake and I never once tipped. I felt like a fish in water.

It was too shallow to swim, but still counts! Mavrovo, Macedonia 2014!
Fleur on goal Swim under a waterfall3 people like this

Tracey DiLascio on goal Take a Yoga classOne person likes this

Duran Jay on goal Visit MoominworldOne person likes this


#4: Blue-throated Macaw

11.7.2014 w/ @ccarolinabb and @_susee

Camille on goal Go to the batting cagesOne person likes this

Tiana Miller on goal Visit the San Diego ZooOne person likes this

Kirsten Koerssen on goal Release a wish lantern3 people like this

Jennie Andrews on goal Visit South Australia2 people like this

Reedy Creek Park on July 12 with Rubies!
Sarah Wolfe on goal Go on a hike3 people like this

Thijs on goal Throw a dart in bull's eyeOne person likes this

It has been a few years, but Beachpull in Putten was awesome. I should be going to tractorpulling more often!
Judith Kanaar on goal Go to a Tractor Pulling eventOne person likes this

Catherine M. on goal Go on a rafting trip3 people like this

Zoe Stembridge on goal Go in a hot air balloon4 people like this

The first day in Batimi
Sana on goal To have a foreign tripOne person likes this