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Hannah Cp on goal Learn to sew2 people like this

Ginny on goal Visit Stonehenge3 people like this

two dweebs in a blanket fort
Laurel Sanders on goal Sleep in a blanket fortOne person likes this

Caroline Aro on goal Run a 5K race2 people like this

Beijing, done!
Sebastian Cool on goal Visit Beijing3 people like this

Kristiina on goal Go to Venice3 people like this

Coconut cream topped with caramel, chocolate, and toasted coconut.
Jessica Payseur on goal make a pie on Pi Day (March 14)2 people like this

Sandi28 on goal Go see the "Welcome to Las Vegas" signOne person likes this

Keri Thompson on goal Go to an oyster barOne person likes this

2. James the duck
Anita Chang on goal Complete 10 knitting/crochet projectsOne person likes this

Naivuruvuru village
Lucy Brook on goal Travel to a new place2 people like this

Maybe a little less red and a bit more green? Also, a little less fast food. However, it is better than I expected.

24 February 2015
Inez on goal Visit the LouvreOne person likes this

Hiking in Alaska
Kate on goal Go hiking2 people like this

Sea shells on Sanibel Island
Kate on goal Go shell collecting on Sanibel IslandOne person likes this

I learned how to cast-on from a YouTube video, and Mom Rydin taught me to knit on February 6, 2015.

Went shooting for the first time with Cody & the fam bam on January 2, 2015
Kelsey on goal Shoot a gun2 people like this

Finished the Disney Half!
Sarah Vaughn on goal Complete a half marathon3 people like this

TJ Hanna on goal Visit Yosemite National Park3 people like this

Cassie DeFillipo on goal Visit Machu Picchu5 people like this

Anna G. on goal Go back to Kathmandu3 people like this

Kristyn on goal Go ice skating at Maggie DalyOne person likes this

Keira How on goal Visit Khao Sok National Park2 people like this