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Tucson, AZ
Each year we use the Idea Battle to choose the first 50 ideas that we can realistically accomplish. So this isn't so much a list of things we want to do, but a list of random goals that will teach us an appreciation for new things.
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Not only did we go, but I managed to win a round!

Memory jar = created. Now we just have to remember to use it throughout the year!

Here's a jar full of cash!

Throw a bag through the cornhole board to hit a car that pushes the ball down the string which sets off a chain of dominoes that hits a car pushing it down a path that sets off another chain of dominoes that hits a ball that rolls down another platform finally pushing play on my record play to fill my house with the sweet tunes of The Toasters.
Megan This is a true thing of beauty. How well does it work?
17 days ago
Dustin Katie Hughes It failed for like the first 47 times we tried it but once we figured out all the little quirks we were able to get it to work with some regular success.
16 days ago
Gave someone a ride home on Christmas Eve after they missed their bus (the last of the evening). You probably shouldn't pick up hitchhikers, but it was Christmas Eve and I feel good about getting them home to be with their family.

Borrowed a telescope from a friend and checked out this Christmas' Full Cold Moon. Beautiful stuff.

We have a terrible history of growing vegetables but somehow, against all odds, these jalapenos made it!
Donated to Emerge! Center Against Domestic Abuse - 12/23/18

Winterhaven, Tucson, AZ - 2018

If the definition of a successful cocktail party is champagne exploding everywhere then we knocked it right out of the park.

Excited to read this true crime book set in our new hometown.

We had a blast at the Scottsdale Polo Championships.

Charlie Parker's Yardbird at the Herberger Theater in Phoenix, AZ. Not our thing, really.

Here's one of two that we made today.

For our first pumpkin in a VERY long time, we're pretty happy with how it turned out.

University of Arizona vs. Colorado Buffaloes

I am TERRIBLE at it. From now on I'm sticking to kayaks.
It's an easy one but Blur's "Song #2" is now in the repertoire.

A year or so ago we bought a picture of an Octopus in a bathtub with a picture of a blue fish on its wall from a guy at a market in Boston. When I saw this goal I thought I'd try my hand at a companion piece to that one. Not as cool as the one we bought, but I'm pretty happy with my first attempt at watercolors.

Introducing Lefty McBearFace

We made a drink called The Flux Capacitor and settled in for a weekend of nostalgia.

Rather than the normal picture I do for these sorts of things I figured I'd see the "Day without technology" thing to completion and depict the day via drawing rather than photograph. I may come back and ink the thing some day but this is about the maximum of my artistic ability, so I should probably just leave it alone!

IBT's in Tucson, AZ. Fun times.

Lesson for next time: You gotta roll the dough as thin as humanly possible!

Here's a photo us pretending to be in the movie. Because that's what happens when we get bored...

Super awesome goal. Made a pinhole camera out of an empty oatmeal container, turned our laundry room into a dark room and had a day of making homemade photo negatives. We still have a lot to learn about developing, but I could see this turning into a hobby!

Loved it!



That was a chore...

World premiere of All You Need is Fuzz at the Arizona International Film Festival.

Everclear at Pima County Fair - Tucson, AZ


40 days without fried food and I couldn't get back to eating it fast enough! I love everything fried, so that was tougher than expected.

They don't like it when you take photos mid-ballet, so you'll just have to take this photo as evidence that we were there!

I realized that I've never read a romance book before and figured this was my chance to fix that. I wish I would have just read "War and Peace" or "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" like everyone else who picks this goal probably does!
Megan Quality GUARANTEED!
10 months ago
10 months ago
Manhattan, Frances Ha, The Saddest Music in the World, Computer Chess and Pitfall.
Fried Food and Candy/Sweets


This is was so good. Recipe from https://cookiesandcups.com/perfect-cheesecake/

Excellent dining experience at Zemam's in Tucson, AZ

One of our other goals was to make a cheesecake, so we figured why not just make our own cream cheese!

6 days with a little bit of puzzling each night and we completed this one.

I wouldn't say we "built" it so much as "assembled" it, but it gets the job done. We'll check back in when we get our first batch of compost!
Dustin Katie Hughes
Photo added to goal Bake bread

Had this goal back in 2012 and ended up baking flour bricks. I'm happy to report that the 2018 version turned out way better!

Excellent day for a hike and a picnic near Bowen house on the Yetman trail in the Tucson Mountains.

1. Peabody Essex Museum (Salem, MA)
2. Museum of Sex (NYC, NY)
3. American Museum of Natural History (NYC, NY)
4. Museum of Fine Arts (Boston, MA)
5. Museum of Contemporary Art (Tucson, AZ)
6. Museum of Art (Tucson, AZ)
7. Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures (Tucson, AZ)
8. Pima Air and Space Museum (Tucson, AZ)
9. Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum (Tucson, AZ)
10. Desert Art Museum (Tucson, AZ)
Finished. Half the questions were written by teens about crushes and Internet friends, though, so keep that in mind before you start it!

Not really my cup of tea... but I don't normally read Sci-Fi, so it was a nice change of pace.
Dustin Hughes
Photo added to goal Walk a labyrinth