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Flying high over Lake Keowee.
"Participate" was the key word in this goal. I participated...then experienced heat exhaustion at Mile 11, with my time at 2:37:13 ! They picked me up in the SAG WAGON! Haha!
Note added to Attend Spring Training:
I bought a t-shirt . Ate a chilli cheese dog. Got a sunburn on my right arm. It was a good day!
4 months ago
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Braves vs. Marlins
I'm getting into a groove!
January 10, 2014.
6 months ago
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Inaugural 10k during the DisneyWorld Marathon Weekend!
Well, that was fun!
I went to visit this place in 2013 on my own but when I got there I realized I'd already been there once before with the CU gals when we rented the cabin in Boone, NC and went...(more)
6 months ago
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Next goal: Use this passport!
This was a fun challenge!
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So this morning my friends were like, "What do you want for your birthday?" and I was all like, "I wanna ride in a fire truck!" So by 2:00...YEAH!
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The grass was greener on my side of the fence.
Note added to Feed a goat:
This was at Antler Hill Village on the Biltmore Estate. 10/3/13.
8 months ago
The gargoyle's have one heck of a view from up here!
Mom & I took the Architect's Tour at Biltmore on 10/2/13. I would highly suggest this "specialty tour" if you're going to be at Biltmore. It's only an hour long and you get t...(more)
8 months ago
Half zombie, half...well, regular person. I really just wanted an excuse to wear one white contact lens.
Well, 1/2 a zombie. Love me some funky contacts!
8 months ago
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Student Organic Farm. Yum!
LOVE this area of the Grand Tetons.
A great place to play in the Grand Tetons.
This whole area of Yellowstone is so pretty - including the Old Faithful Inn!
I went a little further by driving from Jackson, WY around the entire 262-mile Yellowstone-Grand Teton Loop which took me into Idaho, Montana & back into Wyoming.
Inspiring views at every turn! Can't wait to go back to Jackson Hole.
Excitement around every corner for the nature & wildlife lover.
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1st Geocache in Jackson, Wyoming - inside a guardrail!
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AND I got to play with the massage chair buttons as well as sip on a Diet Coke!
Completed in April, 2013.
one year ago
Magnetic makeup frame! Now I can see all my makeup at once rather than digging through a box. I've got a good bit more magnets to buy, though... :)
Photo added to Hug a tree:
July 15, 2011. I hugged a tree in St. Simons Island, GA before walking into the premiere of the final Harry Potter movie.
April, 2012 - Ty Cobb Memorial Hospital.
one year ago
This was a photography contest sponsored by a new hospital. They wanted to use local photography to spruce up the bare walls. 10,000 pictures were submitted. 350 pictures wer...(more)
Amber & Matt's wedding. April, 2013.
one year ago
The bride put pictures from her engagement shoot with me in a guestbook. How cool!
I do this every time I get on a plane! It's SO beautiful above the clouds.
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Nothing says "Happy Earth Day" like Earth-colored cupcakes.
Completed July, 2011 with Cat & Jordan.
one year ago
It took my cousins & I almost 2 hours to find some, but it was worth it. Quite beautiful.

A goal of KTK on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.

Those shots are RARE. I am an awful archer! :)
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Other notes for this Goal:
3/3/13: I got permission to audit the archery class at the University. It's really been a lot of fun but I've been away for a couple of weeks and now I'm at the point that I really don't want to finish the class. Taking time off from work doesn't seem to be worth it anymore. I've done what I set out to do - take an archery class and learn how to shoot a bow & arrow. I've taken the class; I've learned the basics of shooting and I've learned I'm not good AT ALL! I'm right-handed but left-eye dominant so I have to shoot left-handed. I've also proven what I've always known; I have NO upper body strength - even after having been weightlifting for over a year now!