Completed an intensive drivers safety training today! It was so much fun! I think I will attend another :D
7 days ago
Note added to Lose 20kg:
April 7, 2014: 3.1kg lost!
14 days ago
Photo added to Go hiking in Germany:
Went hiking today (April 6, 2014) around the Veste Otzberg to break in my new hiking shoes! Many more hikes will follow, as it was wonderful :D
Note added to Create a living will:
It's written, and only needs to be approved of by a doctor :D
16 days ago
Done with clothes and shoes! :D
16 days ago
#1 of 5: Wrote a letter to Carmen Z., Florida
16 days ago
Note added to Read 20 books:
#1 of 20Elizabeth George - Just One Evil Act
16 days ago
Completed March 30, 2014Got rid of 3 big bags of clothes and will donate them to the Red Cross!
21 days ago
1. Norway/Sweden: Babycall (March 29, 2014)2. Austria/Germany: Die Wand (March 30, 2014)
21 days ago
Note added to Go to 20 concerts:
#1 of 20:Five Finger Death Punchsupport: Pop Evil / Upon A Burning BodyMarch 21, 2014Schlachthof, Wiesbaden
28 days ago
22.03.2014 3km running23.03.2014 50 minutes swimming
28 days ago
Note added to Lose 20kg:
March 22, 2014: 80.3kg (= 2.5kg lost!)
29 days ago
12.03.2014 1 hour Badminton13.03.2014 1 hour Inline Skating16.03.2014 1 hour Inline Skating20.03.2014 1 hour Inline Skating
29 days ago
Note added to Lose 20kg:
Started on March 5th with 82.8kg.
one month ago
Photo added to Dress up for Halloween:
October 18, 2013Went to celebrate Halloween at Castle Frankenstein, Germany

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February Day 22 - Makes You Smile: adventures with my twin, my horse, photography and my guitar :)
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