Roof Terrace restaurant (can't remember if it had a different name) of the Solaris Shopping Mall in Tallinn, Estonia.
In Tallinn, my daughter in photo.
Nuku Museeum / the Puppet Museum in Tallinn, Estonia.
Lennusadam Maritime museum in Tallinn, Estonia.
Mark Knopfler in Helsinki, June 2013
Harald. The Viking restaurant in Lahti, Finland.
Ski Museum in Lahti, Finland.
Flowers to my Friend!
one year ago
Photo added to Give flowers to someone:
Flowers to my Friend!
Done! Sent some bath products to Markus, and a book of cats to Hilja.
one year ago
Took my husband to a surprise date: first movies, then dinner and finelly couple of pints in a pub!
Sending 10 cards tomorrow!
Yes, I did that. I met someone I only knew through internet today! It was a nice meeting!
Here's one note, I'm going to put others too inside books.
I love lists and I love notebooks and here I have a notebook with lists :)

A goal of Tiina T on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.

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