Frequently Asked Questions
If you have a question that is not answered here then please email and we will be happy to respond.
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How can I change my username or email address? Currently, your username is fixed once you have signed up. Your email address can be updated on the profile settings page.

Can I use emoticons in goals, notes and comments? Yes! You can use the standard emoji you have on your mobile device. We also have a small range of emoji are available for use in comments and notes. If these become popular with users we will add some more.

:/     :)     :(     :-(     :o    

B|     :p     :D     :'(    

<3     (y)     (n)    

:award:     :luck:     :apple:     :star:    

:flower:     :sun:     :cherry:

We use a selection of emoticons from the open source Twemoji library.

Is there a mobile app? Not yet! This is one of the most requested features and we are working on something. However, the website is designed to work on all mobile devices through the regular mobile brower - give it a try and see!

Should I move tasks to the Done list when I have completed them? This is not necessary. The recommended method is to leave the all the goals on your Things To Do list, then when you complete a task you can set it to Done in the goal menu. This will automatically add the goal to your Done list, but also ensure that your original list of 101 things (or other goal list) stays together and the percent complete count will be correct.

How do I delete a goal from my list? Click on the goal on your list to bring up the edit panel. From there, you can click on the status drop down - you can choose to update the status, move the goal to another list, or delete the goal from you list.

Can I have private goals, or make my whole account private? Yes! Both of these are possible. By default, all information you post is public. However, it is possible to set your account to private via the profile settings page. When you mark your account private, this will hide all your goals from public view, but your details such as name, bio etc will still be visible.
It also now possible to mark individual tasks as private or hidden - just click on the goal, select 'Edit', and choose Mark as Private.

How do I delete Progress Updates? You can click on the date stamp of the note to bring up an individual page with the note. From there you can find a link Delete This Note.

I reset my password but didn't get an email? Some users have experienced problems with the emails not getting through their spam filters - if you do not receive an email then please contact help@dayzeroproject.com with your username, and your password can be manually reset.

How can I delete my account? There is a link at the bottom of your profile settings page where you can choose to remove your account. This will remove all the lists, tasks and updates you have made to the site. Note that if you delete your account, your username may be released to new users who sign up.

Plus Membership Questions

How can I group goals in my lists? When you are logged in you can simply click on the goal on your list to expand out the options menu. There you will see an option for 'Add To Grouping'. When you first create a list this will be empty, so you need to add the label you want to use by entering the label in the 'Create New Label' box (eg. Travel, Work, Personal etc). When you click on subsequent goals, this new label will be available to select and group your goals.

How can I cancel my Plus membership? Your membership is handled by Paypal and you have complete control over the billing process. To cancel your membership you simply login to your Paypal account and choose to cancel the Day Zero Project recurring payment. Paypal will then automatically send a notification to us. Your Day Zero Project plus membership will still continue for the remaining time of your current memebership.
Important Note: If you close your Day Zero Project account this will not end the billing subscription - you must cancel the subscription via the Paypal website.






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