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Whiten my teeth
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by Stephanie Goodman . 2 years ago
I have used teeth whitening toothpaste, I'm not sure if that counts haha
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Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
My dentist said that my teeth are already white and the treatment I wanted to sign up for would only turn them gray...

Because I constantly drink red wine and double shots of espresso I decided to buy the Pearl Drops toothpaste for coffee and tea drinkers.
I started using it 8 days ago and I'm already satisfied with the results.
Photo added by Chereeka Straker . 3 years ago
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Note added by Carla. 3 years ago
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Note added by w haak. 4 years ago
started, but didn't finish before the end of the 1001
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Note added by Susan. 4 years ago
The dentist cleaned my teeth. That's enough for now!
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Photo added by Linda. 7 years ago
note to self: the cheapest teeth whitening pens might not do the trick.
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Note added by Sandi28. 7 years ago
ZOOM - 2/19/2013
Note Added
Note added by Keri Hughes. 7 years ago
Bought Crest 3D Whitestrips upon my brother's recommendation. Currently on Day 3. Will post before and after pictures after 30 days. Hopefully there's a noticeable difference!
Note Added
Note added by Anna Larson. 7 years ago
finished 1/17/13
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Note added by Hannah Yamashita. 7 years ago
I think it was done in September.
Note Added
Come├žado - 31/01/2012
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Note added by tami anderson. 8 years ago
Using Rembrandt's whitening tooth paste
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Note added by Sonny Nguyen. 8 years ago
September 30, 2011 Thanks Floss Dental!
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Note added by Lexi. 9 years ago
i bought the rembrandt 2-hour whitening kit. hopefully it works!
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Note added by Chris Hodson. 9 years ago
High School