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Be a bridesmaid
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Note Added
Note added by Marybeth M. 2 years ago
Jack's wedding
Jess's wedding
Liz's wedding

Ashley's wedding
Trang's wedding
Note Added
For Isolde and Max's wedding.
Photo added by Emma Kendall. 4 years ago
I was the chief bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding on the 19th of September. She got married in a cathedral and had her reception on a beach. It was a beautiful day and I loved spending it with my best friends and my second family.
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Note added by Sophie . 5 years ago
completed April 2015 - sisters wedding and April 2012 - brothers wedding
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Note added by Andrea Book. 5 years ago
I was Katie's bridesmaid December 27th 2014
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Note added by Lauren Park. 5 years ago
Liz and John's wedding, July 19th 2014
Photo added by Rachel Townsend. 6 years ago
Note Added
Perfect day.
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Photo added by Liz. 7 years ago
The beautiful bride and I.
Thanks to my little sis for letting me be a part of her day.
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Note added by Kayla Sharee. 7 years ago
April 27 Kacnyca
July 4 Callie
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Note added by Caitlin. 7 years ago
N & M Wedding 9-7-13
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Note added by Liz. 8 years ago
Privileged to be a part of my sister's special day. And thanks to her for not choosing a hideous frock for me to wear!
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Note added by Liz. 8 years ago
Due to happen Summer 2012, when my little sister gets married.
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Note added by Lou Larter. 9 years ago
Joey & Cheyne 01/10/2011
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Note added by Amy. 9 years ago
4/16/11 in Jamaica
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Note added by Jane . 10 years ago
I was my siste'rs bridesmaid on the 25th August 2010 Really lovely day!