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Fly first class
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Note added by Katia. 5 months ago
Photo added by Katia. 5 months ago
Photo added by Pan Reas . 2 years ago
My third business class flight (BLR-HKG Dragon Air on a A330) was kind of like the first in the recliner and the way the holes under the back of each seat are where the feet go. It was pretty good.
My fourth business class flight (HKG-MEL Cathay Pacific on an A350) was something very special, because of the way each seat had its own space diagonally, fully separate from other passengers. I had what was both an aisle and a window seat (like the first flight) but this time I got to recline to be fully horizontal, and got a solid 5 hour sleep. Pretty amazing!
Photo added by Pan Reas . 2 years ago
My first business class flight (MEL-SIN Qantas on an A330) was roomy. It's not life-changing, just far more comfortable. The reclining seat, the full table and service perks were great.
My second (SIN-BLR Jet Airways on a 737) was better than the equivalent economy, but really nothing special. Our entertainment option was still BYOD with a tiny selection, and the seats were wider but otherwise the same.
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Note added by Pan Reas . 2 years ago
It doesn't look like first class is done much anymore, nor that it offers anything more than a good long haul business class flight - which is how I'll interpret this goal instead.
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Note added by Lisa Harrison. 3 years ago
We have reservations to fly first class (my first time!) from Birmingham to Atlanta and from Atlanta to Washington D.C. and also on the return flights!
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Yeah, I could get used to that.
Photo added by Megan . 4 years ago
First class on Alaska was very nice-- comfy seats with lots of room, tablets with free games and movies, surprisingly good food and tons of alcohol. Honestly though I would have paid just for the convenience of skipping all the check-in and boarding lines.
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Note added by Rebecca D. . 4 years ago
Well, it wasn't how I anticipated crossing this one off..... got bumped on a business trip, stuck in Atlanta. The kindest Delta representative jumped through hoops to get me home, and I ended up in first class! Not the whole experience I expected, but I think it counts anyway.....I promised her I would pay the kindness forward. Now looking forward to jumping through hoops to make someone else's day.
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Note added by ...Trang.... 7 years ago
First class on flight from Thailand to Vietnam
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Note added by DiaH. 8 years ago
Upgraded to 1st class after trading my seat for two free round-trip tix on my way back from Tampa June 12, 2011