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Week 52 : 2015 Superlatives
Week 51 : 300 Times
Week 50: The Heavy and Good Sovereignty of God
Week 49: Why I Write
Week 48: That Which Can Be Known; Made Plain
Week 47: Amy Carmichael's Prayer
Week 46: Rend Your Hearts, Not Your Clothing
Week 45: Book Review: Praying the Bible
Week 45: We Need Christ, Not "Benefits", "Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus"
Week 44: Keep Your Heart Diligently
Week 45: Dwelling Place
Week 43: To Run
Week 42: The Day After (Thoughts on Resurrection)
Week 41: Me and Alex
Week 40: Easier Said Than Done
Week 39: Closer to the Ground
Week 38: My Foot Slips
Week 37: The Most Dejected and Reluctant Convert:
Week 36: It's Who He Is
Week 35: Keyboard Grace
Week 34: The Snake-Crusher
Week 33: To Sleep (as a spiritual discipline)
Week 32: Freedom
Week 31: Lament
Week 29: The Lord (Book Review)
Week 28: Unconditional/Conditional Covenant
Week 27: When we come to the end of ourselves
Week 26: The Already and the Not Yet
Week 25: Undone
Week 24: The Family of God
Week 23: Where We Were
Week 22: This Should Not Be
Week 21: Personal Grace: A Prayer
Week 20: Keep Your Soul, Diligently
Week 19: Teach Us to Pray
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 4 years ago
For these weekly ones, I decided that doing it for three months straight would be enough to cross the Thing off as done - rather than taking the trouble to record it all the way until 2017. So, I have done this consistently since February, I intend to continue, and I consider this done!
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 4 years ago
May 2015:
-The Dead in their Vaulted Arches
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 4 years ago
April 2015:
-Happy Birthday, Dear Maria... [deleted]
-Book Profile #1
-Still time to read!
-Red Clover books are here!
-Trustee Meeting Thursday
-Spanish Group Tonight!
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 4 years ago
March 2015:
-Tax Help Comes to the Library
-What's Up in March
-Department of Libraries announces teen book award nominees!
-April Reading Discussion Book is Here!
-Trustee Meeting Tomorrow!
-Programming: We need your feedback!
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 4 years ago
February 2015:
-What is Poetry?
-Trustee Meeting Thursday
-Vermont Author Visits the Library!
-Closed for Presidents' Day
-Ron Krupp Cancelled
-Even the bad books have some good to them.
Note Added
1/22/15: God's Compassion is Painful
Note Added
1. 08 Aug 2014
2. 22 Aug 2014
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Note added by Laura. 5 years ago
Opps... In progress created it in June but failed to update it each week but will try to post a little more often just so much to do in this world and not enough hours.
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Note added by Lisa. 7 years ago
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Note added by Cecilia Marie. 7 years ago
I have two blogs including my LiveJournal, but this goal only includes my proper, less personal domain blog, as my LiveJournal is more like a diary.
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Note added by Becca Atwood. 7 years ago
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Note added by Iain B. 8 years ago
last update: 09/12/2010
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Note added by Ruth Jones. 8 years ago
I will check this one off since I have been doing this for a while now. In the future, I may skip a week here and there, but I will strive to blog at least once per week.
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Note added by Koralie Boyer. 8 years ago
Update 1 : 25/07/10
Update 2 : 02/08/10
Update 3 : 09/08/10
Update 4 : 15/08/10
Update 5 : 22/08/10
Update 6 : 23/08/10
Update 7 : 28/08/10
Update 8 : 12/09/10