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Note added by Jurgita. 7 months ago
Nupirkau maisto negalinčiam sau to padaryti
nupirkau šokolado kasininkui
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Note added by Miranda O. 1 years ago
Paid money on someone's light bill.
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Note added by Lisa Surette. 2 years ago
Bought a Chocolate Bar for the lady at the Gas Station who was working late Christmas Eve by herself when I stopped to get gas. I was on the way to the Quarterdeck to be with Rick.
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Note added by Jeremy E. Bishop. 4 years ago
a homeless or down on his luck man was outside of a Tim Horton's that I regularly go to. He asked for some money for food so I bought him a sandwich deal.
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Note added by Anouschka. 6 years ago
I gave someone coffee when her card didn't work
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Helped out an Erasmus student that lost her keys, was lost and had a dead phone battery.
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Helped out a fighting couple (with Floor)
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Note added by Thijs. 6 years ago
Een "junkie" genaamd Ap, vroeg mij de weg naar een coffeeshop, en daarna of ik mee wilde fietsen. Dus dat deed ik maar. (Desondanks het best ongemakkelijk was voor mijn gevoel.)
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Note added by Taryn Daniels. 6 years ago
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Note added by Taryn Daniels. 6 years ago
picked up $10 dollars that a guy dropped and gave it back to him
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Note added by Jennifer Vasquez. 6 years ago
let someone in in traffic
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Note added by Sebastian Cool. 7 years ago
While strolling along the farmers market on Salt Spring Island, BC I saw a little girl selling some things she made out of clay. A lot of people were smiling and asking what she made but nobody actually bought something. I agree, there was no value or personal reason to buy one of the clay hamburgers or dolls. But I felt so touched that this little girl spent all her time making these things and devoted her time on a Saturday to make some money of her own instead of asking her parents. She was probably saving up for something she really wanted so I asked her how much she wanted for a small rose she made. It was half a dollar, but what can she do with half a dollar? I gave her 2 dollars and she was the happiest kid on Salt Spring Island that day. I remember I was trying to sell something at that age and nobody bought anything during the whole day. Next time you see something like that, just buy something you will make somebody very happy.
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Note added by Lynette Oh. 7 years ago
show and guide a way for a stranger
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Note added by Lara Inskip. 7 years ago
Assisted a lady staying in unit 1 with carrying things down the driveway
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Note added by Meeri. 8 years ago
Waited for an ambulance with an old, drunken lady who had fallen down and had blood all over her face, comforted her and chatted with her. She was upset and embarrassed. I told her there's nothing to be embarrassed of. I had to stall her because she kept on fleeing, but she couldn't stand up.
Note Added
Note added by Suz. 8 years ago
More than just holding a door. Helped a guy find his house and move in!