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Jump into a body of water fully clothed
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Note Added
Note added by Rachel Leung. 4 years ago
Completed August 9th, 2014.

Went to Kenny's cottage with my family and jumped into the lake fully clothed! The experience was exhilarating and I couldn't wait to try again after the first jump. The lake water was surprisingly warm and it took a lot of persuading to get everyone else on board with swimming in it. Kenny did a back-flip for one of his jumps, and tricked my sister into jumping in as well (with her believing they would go together). Thankfully, I was able to catch several of these moments on video to look back on in the future.
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Note added by Nikie Veld. 5 years ago
No bikini's allowed, so clothing by force, Batanes 2014
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Note added by Dina Ezzat . 6 years ago
in Sa7l 2012 with friends. We swam in the early morning in the sea and i jumped fully dressed
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Done in London on Sunday the 18th of november 2012
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Note added by Ines Janeiro. 6 years ago
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Note added by Jason Tomlinson. 7 years ago
Polar Plunge February 2010. IT WAS COLD!!!
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Note added by Chris Hodson. 7 years ago
Hot tub party
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Note added by Alyssa H. 7 years ago
oh, in dubrovnik
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Note added by Abby Turnbough. 7 years ago
Hilltop pool with Kyle, Maggie and Drew
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Note added by OMM. 8 years ago
COMPLETED on Monday, July 18, 2011 in Maggie's pool. Cleo, Claire, Maggie, Abbie, Griffin, and I were going to go swimming anyways, but Cleo and I jumped in first together into the pool wearing shorts and a shirt and underwear (of course). It was the oddest feeling. Like it was all just s-o-a-k-e-d. Very fun and continued a great crazy day.
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Note added by Jes. 8 years ago
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Note added by Elaine . 8 years ago
07.05.11- Jumped into a swimming pool clad in a full-length dress & monster earrings with Katelan, Lauren + the kiddos. Proceeded to swim for over an hour. Fun times! 07.10.11- Splashed, waded, hiked into waters waist-high in not one but TWO grutas in Hidalgo, Mexico. Again with the full length skirt...
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Note added by Dani Batz. 8 years ago
We had to do this to get our swimming-diploma and it was fun!
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Note added by A.L. . 8 years ago
Jumped into my aunt's pool but then also jumped into the Indian Ocean off the coast of Zanzibar in a brand new pair of jeans.
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Note added by Emilye Messerly. 8 years ago
Appropriately right after a mud fight with Shanna!
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"Take your clothes off, for Christ's sake!"
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Note added by Lucy Nordstrom. 8 years ago
Maki's apartment - 10-21-10
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Note added by A.L. . 9 years ago
Jumped into the Indian Ocean just off the shore of Prison Island.