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Declutter my house
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Note Added
Note added by sam. 5 months ago
Donated 7 boxes to the va
Note Added
Am going to do it again, when we'll move flats. Still plenty to discard.
Note Added
KonMari'd the whole flat. Got rid of about half of what I owned.
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Note added by witchypoo . 3 years ago
My mom went through her dresser and closet this morning and picked out a bunch of things to donate, some of which she's had for literally decades. Hooray!
Note Added
Note added by witchypoo . 3 years ago
Got rid of a bunch of stuff today: several bags of clothes, books, CD's, and linens, an unused desktop computer and printer, and a giant stuffed Rastafarian banana (don't ask).
Note Added
Note added by witchypoo . 3 years ago
Got a bunch of old and unwanted clothes, books and bed linens bagged up and ready to take to the Goodwill.
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Note added by Catie Day. 4 years ago
I seem to do this really regularly - not sure I can go any further without my husband noticing I'm decluttering his drawers too
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Note added by Jennifer B. 5 years ago
Throwing out just a few extra things every week on garbage day makes for a decent start to this goal!
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Note added by Emerson. 5 years ago
I am marking this as completed because we actually did declutter the house. It got recluttered again with the move, but I am confident we will unpack in such a way that it does not become overwhelming again.
Note Added
Note added by Emerson. 6 years ago
We have been making a lot of progress on this in preparation for the baby - just a little more work needed and we should get a couple weekends of down time.
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Note added by Martina M. 6 years ago
Rooms completed:
- both staircases
- guest bathroom
- porch
Note Added
Note added by Autumn . 9 years ago
Get rid of anything that isn’t useful, beautiful or joyful.