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Ride a horse
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Note Added
Note added by Ally Lynn. 1 years ago
Why: Giant animals, and horses always look so powerful, free, and have big personalities. Also, this would be great for writing experience.

Completed: May 2015 for Jules's 21st birthday
Note Added
So I tried horse riding when I was 14 years old. It was amazing and I think I rode for a year.
And now one of my besties had birthday and she really likes horses. So I thought that I gave her a surprise which was that she could try hors riding. She was very happy and the girl (who was our "teacher" and who is my neighbour's girl) said to me that I can try horse riding again I am so happy I hope I can go again.
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Note added by Megan. 2 years ago
Op luna's paard
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Note added by A.G. 3 years ago
Horseback riding in Jamaica-- up mountain/rainforest and thru the water a bit
His name was Dimitri
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Note added by Sarah Pisanu. 4 years ago
Photo added by Lydia Cox. 4 years ago
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Note added by Hannah Shaw. 5 years ago
use red ballon card
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Photo added by Emma Warburton. 6 years ago
Went on a horse trek into the Nevada desert!
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Note added by Dina Ezzat . 6 years ago
Ride it with college friends Pyramids
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Note added by Elsa. 7 years ago
Duitsland augustus 2012
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Note added by Nicole Anderson. 7 years ago
colorado springs!!!
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Note added by Karen G. 7 years ago
Ride the horses we already own
Note Added
My dad had horses when I was growing up so I have actually done this quite often.
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Note added by meyke. 9 years ago
since i have my own horse and i?ve been riding since i was five.
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Note added by Colleen Bain. 9 years ago
I used to ride from age 6-17, and I miss it. I'd like to get back into it.