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Design and name a cocktail
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Note Added
Note added by Ingo Willems. 4 years ago
It's still a work in progress:

- Wodka
- Ice-Tea Peach
- Blue CuraƧao
- Tonic Water

It is called "The Green Dragon"

My girlfriend also made one called "The Limited Edition".
It contains:

- Sirop De Violette (Or Creme De Cassis)
- Ice Tea Peach
- Amaretto
Photo added by Laura. 4 years ago
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Note added by Poppie . 5 years ago
Caribbean Rum Punch (pineapple juice, orange juice, lime juice, grenadine, rum) + ginger ale = La Tortuga


Mojito + drizzle of grenadine = Rojito
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Note added by Helen. 5 years ago
1 shot brandy
2 shots red wine
1 part peach iced tea
1 part soda water
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Note added by Isabel Luz. 5 years ago
A cocktail. White chocolate melted in a pan. Them you grab a glass and put vodka in it, afterwards the melted chocolate, hot, and wildberrys raspberrys. He named me something, the guy who created this cocktail for me, He named the cocktail with my name, because it'd be me in a shape of a drink. I cant remember the name tho.
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Note added by Sam O'Neill. 5 years ago
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Note added by Jenny Morgan. 5 years ago
2 Tequila shots + Fizzy Pink Lemonade+ Ice + A Nice Tall Glass+ A Wedge of Lime= A Pink Flamingo
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Note added by Erin Behan. 6 years ago
I call it a captain sandwich. I pour a drink with captain at the bottom some mixer (coke) then another pour of captain at the top!
Photo added by Sebastian Cool. 6 years ago
Today I invented a cocktail. It is called pre-community retreat. Tomorrow the community I live and work in starts a retreat, that calls for a special cocktail on the Sunday afternoon prior to this. Ingredients are spiced rum, Bombay gin, triple sec and some mango, peach juice. MMMM, must be served on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed with friends.
Note Added
Note added by Katy H. 6 years ago
The Full Moon cocktail is based on Full Moon punch, but I altered the recipe a bit.
It included homemade spiced rum called Falernum and lots more rum. Delish!
I also made some homemade lemoncello that was very tasty! I'm going to try lemons and oranges next!
Note Added
Note added by matilda. 6 years ago
El drinko - tre apor och fanta exotic
Note Added
jabberwocky -- handful of carrots, two handfuls of blueberries, lemonade, lots of gin, somewhat less but still a lot of dry vermouth
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Note added by Maribeth Weidner. 7 years ago
The Southern Belle. Basically an Alabama Slammer with grenadine instead of slogin.
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Photo added by Clare Lalonde. 7 years ago
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Note added by tim mclaurin. 7 years ago
made a cocktail with muddled cucumber, basil, lemons, strawberry vodka, lemoncello topped off with pureed strawberries.

I'll simply call it "Summer"

Next up is cake batter vodka, chocolate liquer, milk/half and half/or cream, topped with strawberry vodka infused whipped cream.

I'll call it chocolate cake.
Note Added
Note added by tami anderson. 8 years ago
3 shots kahlua 1 shot coconut rum 2 shots cupcake vodka devils food 1 shot triple sec 2 shots bailey's Irish cream Pour into a shaker with ice and shake. Pour into a cocktail glass and garnish with whipped cream and a dusty of coffee grounds. Now for a name... fus ro dah!
Note Added
Note added by Ariel . 8 years ago
"Jane Lefty" (after my dear friend Mir) 1 part Captain Morgan spiced rum 1 part Raspberry Schnapps 1 part club soda 1 part pomegranate juice mix gently into a collins glass
Note Added
Lemon Sugar Cookie - almond liqueur/sprite/lemon wedge
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Note added by Hannah Harris. 8 years ago
Due this Friday!
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Note added by Sarah Mason. 9 years ago
1. Find liquor. Probably vodka or rum.
2. Find mixers.
3. Find fruit?
4. Combine.
5. Exclaim in disgust, try again until successful. Bonus points for simplicity.

Tequila Sunset - Tequila, orange juice, blue curacao.
Note Added
the Dreamy Summer:
- Brown Rum
- Safari
- Galliano
- Pineapple Juice

the Dreamy Orange:
- Brown Rum
- Safari
- Galliano
- Orange Juice
Note Added
Note added by Kellie. 9 years ago
Fancy vodka and cherry with some other bits - cherry 7up