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Help raise money for a cause that will not benefit me in any way
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Note added by Xin Wei Lam. 3 years ago
Flag day
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Note added by Tola Onakoya. 5 years ago
- Opel Cleaners in Intels camp PH for Christmas 2014
- Hillary for burial of his mum and birth of baby
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Note added by Erika F. 5 years ago
Raised over 55 dollars for the free the children's vow of silence campaign
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I have actually done this for the Heart and Stroke foundation and MS
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Note added by Angi. 6 years ago
Donated jewelry for an auction a friend was having, to collect money for a girl's med bills.
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Note added by Emma Simpson. 7 years ago
Raise £1000 for Cancer Research UK.
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Note added by Tante Jul. 7 years ago
My toffees are now for sale in the ME and you webshop, to help raise money for a pilot project on ME research. I don't have ME, so I assume this counts as "will not benefit me in any way".

...Although, I believe that ALL acts of kindness benefit the person doing them, because doing good is good for you.
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Note added by Trisha Newman. 8 years ago
My son's daycare just did a Bake Sale for to help fight Childhood Hunger. Our team more than doubled our goal of $600 ($1400+ raised). And I more than doubled my personal goal of $30 ($70 raised).
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Note added by Kit MacConnell. 8 years ago
Aside from NaNoWriMo, Kit. That benefits you, idiot.
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Note added by Trish. 8 years ago
Raised $260 from sub sale for Relay for Life team
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Note added by Sara Vugdalic. 9 years ago
hannah's spirit fingers!
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Note Added
- Izegem for Life - Music for Life
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Note added by Klaas Allosserie. 9 years ago
Music For Life - Helped in Izegem and Kortrijk (Radio for life students @Howest)
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Note added by Laura. 10 years ago
Haiti and Chile.
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Note added by Kaitlyn Lauber. 10 years ago
5/13/10- March of dimes