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Note added by tingz. 2 years ago
1~Graduated from college with a BA
2~Graduated from master's program in social work
3~graduated DEBT FREE with both my bachelor's and master's degrees
4~traveled to over 25 states and counting
5~traveled to 6 countries on 3 continents and counting
6~traveled to and visited 39 of the 155 temples for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and counting. Someday I will visit them all.
7~Volunteer in 2 temples for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
to learn more about the temple, feel free to visit
8~Served a full-time mission in Fukuoka Japan for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
9~Marched with the BYU Marching Band
10~Danced in the 2002 Paralympics with Donny Osmond
12~Learned Japanese
13~Learned Spanish
14~Learned Chinese
15~Learned American sign language
16~Lived alone in Taiwan
17~Found and completed temple work for over 100 ancestors
18~trained for concealed carry permit
19~completed 5k race 3 times
20~did NOT come in last in first 5k race
21~completed 5k race on roller skates
22~Summited a mountain: Grey Rock, CO 2009
23~Sewed a quilt
24~Graduated from LDS seminary
25~Propagated succulents
26~photographed brother's wedding
27~taught a child to spell his name
28~taught a child mathematics
29~taught my nieces that they are loved
30~humanitarian trip to Western Samoa
31~performed a solo dance
32~performed a singing solo
33~lead in district musical
34~auditioned and selected for Brigham Young University's International Folk Dance Team
35~trained CERT team member
36~moved into an apartment of my own
37~learned to crochet
38~learned to tat
39~learned to sew
40~hid a geocache
41~learned to cross stitch
42~learned to applique
43~Made new friends when I moved to Provo, Utah
44~Made new friends when I moved to Salt Lake, Utah
45~Made new friends when I moved to Taiwan
46~Made new friends when I moved back to Idaho
47~Obtained license for school social work
48~taught a child to crochet
49~taught a child to sew
50~grew food in a container garden
51~hosted a yard sale for the first time
52~manage technical issue for my family and maintain electronics
53~learned to do stunts while ice skating
54~played roller derby
55~learned Chinese calligraphy
56~earned LCSW license
57~learned to play the trumpet
58~learned to play the guitar
59~learned to play the piano
60~learned to play the trombone
61~high school swim team
62~learn to scuba dive
63~start a campfire with a single match
64~work more than 1 job at once (at one point)
65~learn to say "no"
66~successfully eat with chopsticks
67~translate a meeting from English to Japanese
68~assist in interpretation in Spanish
69~Assist in interpretation in Chinese
70~learn to use DSLR camera
71~earned a belt in karate
72~competed and won a dance competition
73~taught a dance class
74~shot a cannon
75~referee for roller derby
76~taught children a song
77~scanned all of my grandmother's photos and slides (now to work on the other side of the family ;) )
78~learned to sing different harmony lines and improv
79~completed the Utah GeoTour (geocaching)
80~flown on a plane by myself
81~photographed stars
82~deescalated an aggressive person
83~used my skills in family history/genealogy research to find enough information about a paranoid schizophrenic patient to help her get Medicare and Medicaid
84~won a game of chess while playing a college professor
85~taught a class in elementary school
86~photographed family portraits for 2 families
87~survived a summer as a camp counselor
88~learned to ride and take care of a horse
89~sewed and quilted quilts
90~volunteered at a hospital
91~assisted with a fundraiser
92~published a story
93~trained my dog
94~worked with birth mothers at an adoption agency
95~worked in the emergency department of several major hospitals including a children's hospital
96~helped kids earn a scouting merit badge
97~quit a job that wanted me to compromise my standards
98~saved enough money to support me during a financial crisis for up to 6 months
99~staying true to my beliefs and not lowering my standards
100~that my nieces get excited to spend time with me #MyFavoritePeopleCallMeAuntie
Note Added
Note added by Anne . 4 years ago
1 - Bachelor of Commerce
2 - Certificate in Technical Communication
3 - Programmer's Certificate
4 - Landing my 1st Technical Writing job - Syscorp
5 - Landing job at Connectware
6 - Landing contract with Epic Data for UPS E-Logistics training materials
7 - Landing job with Zero-Knowledge
8 - Landing job as Project Manager
9 - Getting married
10 - Buying first home
11 - Raiding Amanda
12 - Raising Paulina
13 - Running 5 km
14 - Running 10 km
Note Added
Note added by Jennyfer Lynn. 6 years ago
Will post all of them when the list is finished
Note Added
Note added by Alicia. 6 years ago
1. Learned to read
2. Graduated HS
3. Graduated college
4. First in Class for Criminal Justice
5. Accepted into TFA
6. Completed my 2 year TFA committment
7. Helped establish dyslexia screenings in Rodriguez Elementary
8. Purchased a house
9. Earned my Masters
10. Earned my teaching certificate
11. Paid off my car
12. president of CFA
13. Captain of BHS Drum Line
14. COmpleted 2 years on UD Drum Line
15. Got a job as a librarian
Note Added
Note added by Jess Peters. 6 years ago
That was harder than I thought it would be.
Note Added
Note added by James Kwok. 7 years ago
see kwoky-lifeaccomp on this website