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Note Added
Note added by Shiccy. 2 months ago
14. The birth of P - all of it. The first cries, the nurses, the new experiences, everything.
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 months ago
13. My pregnancy journey
Photo added by Shiccy. 1 years ago
12. Getting Kuma
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Note added by Mary Goodger. 2 years ago
--New York--
1. Growing up with a big yard and copse where I could play and daydream.
2. Driving through the Amish countryside with Ma.

-- Kentucky--
3. Sleepovers with my grandmother and older sister.
4. Going to the Pegasus Parade in Louisville.
5. Saturday afternoons going to Walmart, the library, and getting lunch at Rally's.
6. Baking with Ma at Christmastime.
7. Riding with Dad every morning and afternoon when we'd take Ma to and from work, and getting to listen to his stories and jokes.
8. Sunday afternoons with my parents, having lunch at Freeman Lake and feeding the geese and ducks popcorn we'd made the night before.
9. Seeing The Lion King at the drive-in movie theatre one balmy summer night.

10. Seeing comet Halle-Bopp stretching across the night sky.
11. Sitting on the deck on warm nights with excellent darksky.
12. Family birthdays celebrated in our back yards with barbecues, homemade cakes, and tons of conversation and laughter.
13. Having some of my digital scrapbook layouts published in a magazine.
14. Winning People's Choice in a custom My Little Pony contest.
15. Getting my GED and graduating as Valedictorian.
16. Beautiful Sundays at Unity with my mother and sisters.
17. Getting to spend weekends in the mountains at my mom's house.
18. Happy's Flea Market weekend with Ma, Mom, and Becky.
19. Driving along the Blue Ridge Parkway in spring and fall.
20. Family Thanksgivings.
21. Family Christmas get-togethers.
22. Being an aunt.
23. Going to my first concert with my mom.
24. The Salem Fair with Mom and my sisters.
25. Standing on top of Mill Mountain, watching the summer sun set over the Roanoke Valley.
26. Riding a jetski (but it was also SCARY!).
27. Getting to say goodbye to my dad.
28. Virginia Beach trips!
29. Watching a lone thunderstorm approach late at night, full of intense lightning, a huge anvil, and the entire thing lit by the moon and surrounded by stars.
30. Taking bellydance classes!

31. The day I officially crossed the border and freed myself.
32. Riding the subway on my own for the first time.
33. The moment I realized I had my own identity and could do things on my own.
34. That first trip to explore St. Jacob's and the market.
35. Cavalcade of Lights!
36. Getting to hold beautiful snakes and lizards at the Big on Bloor Festival.
37. Getting to hold a tarantula and a scorpion at the Niagara Butterfly Conservatory.
38. Ripley's Aquarium!
39. Volunteering with cat rescues and being a cat foster mom.
40. Visiting the computer museum and a county fair with Elisa and Jeff one autumn afternoon.
41. Christmas night 2014: Liat and I donning cloaks and going for an amusing--and slightly scary--walk during a high wind warning.
42. Working at the Heintzman House.
43. When the bus service was free for two months after going on strike, and Nikkol and I travelled up to Newmarket and had a really good day.
44. Walking along the striped ridges of the Cheltenham Badlands in autumn.
45. The 2008 stay at Kent's cottage near Belleville.
46. The 2013 stay at Rob's cottage near Gravenhurst.
47. The snowy 2015 stay at Jaime's cottage in Shelburne.
48. Walking with Elisa in a white-out blizzard two days before Christmas 2008.
49. Weekends spent at the girls' place before I moved in with them.
50. Countless trips to Pacific Mall with the girls. It was an exciting thing for us that we'd anticipate many days in advance.
51. Watching the sun set over Lake Huron.
52. The trip to Tobermory and standing in the low tide of Dorcas Bay.
53. Mike's summer parties!
54. Yom Kippur with the girls and Susie.
55. Late-night drives with my friends to go Pokemon Go hunting in downtown Toronto.
56. Going to the CNE with the girls and Anthony & Ash, and wearing accessories related to our Pokemon Go teams.
57. The CN Tower experience and seeing the whole city at night!
58. Participating in the Toronto Zombie Walk.
59. Evenings spent with the girls and Anthony & Ash -- going to Michaels or DeSerres, then to Superstore for foodstuffs to make for dinner.
60. That day I went to the UKVI visa office in Toronto and received my visa.
61. Experiencing a crap relationship/marriage so I do better and appreciate the next one.
62. That very first hug from Jonno at Pearson Airport.
63. Meeting Jess Fink at a comic artist convention.
64. The two days I spent with Nicole and Kent in Kitchener-Waterloo before the wine tour in Niagara-on-the-Lake (I recall those two days more fondly than the main event because my ex wasn't there!)
65. The day I arrived back in Canada, just before Christmas in 2010.
66. Making costumes and spending the four day weekend at Anime North with my the girls and other friends! EPIC FUN!
67. Standing over the edge of the Horseshoe Falls.
68. The Distillery District Christmas Market adventures.
69. Centre Island adventures.
70. Geocaching with Elisa and Jeff wherever we went!
71. Long, happy walks around the area (Promenade, Oak Bank Park, the library and Timmies, historic Thornhill, the farmers market).
72. The day my divorce order came through and I saw it would be final on Christmas Day.
73. Getting to marry Jonno with the girls and Susie present.
74. The day I went to the UKVI office in Toronto, on a gloomy yet wonderfully colourful autumn day, and received my visa to go home to Jonno.
75. Scarborough Bluffs with Elisa and Jeff.
76. Kensington Market and Chinatown with Jonno.
77. Elisa and I running outside with cameras every time a severe storm/tornado warning was issued! Yikes, but so exhilarating!
78. Realizing how very whole, loved, admired, and respected I was by someone.


81. The sunny day I landed as a resident in November 2016. Jonno met me at Gatwick, we rode the bus to Leicester, picked up his car, went for dinner at our fave restaurant, then saw fireworks over Ravenstone.
82. Forming a good relationship with my mother.
83. Visiting the Lake District and the sea in northwest England.
84. Visiting London.
85. Visiting Stonehenge.
86. My first Christmastime in England!
87. Living in the city centre.
88. Festive-themed afternoon tea with Jonno at the Cattows.
89. Ferrers Centre/Staunton Harold with Jon's parents.
90. Bradgate Park and seeing deer close up.
91. Working for Lorraine.
92. The Everybody's Reading Festival in September 2017.
93. My birthday 2017: We signed for our new apartment and got the keys, then dropped off a load of our belongings. We had lunch, a special dinner, and I got some fun stuff from Paperchase and The Body Shop.
94. The seaside trip to Hunstanton.


95. Plane rides where we chased the sun into morning.
96. Riding over a sea of white clouds in our plane, and seeing a rare "glory" formed on them.
97. Visiting Switzerland and staying at the heart of the Bernese Oberland.
99. Getting off the train at Wengernalp and feeling like the wind was knocked out of me at the sight of the mountains right in front of me.
99. Seeing wild dolphins.
100. Visting the Netherlands.
Note Added
Note added by Pink. 2 years ago
1. Relationship with Mohit
2. Relationship with Mohammed
3. Attending Sabbath school as a child and being raised as Seventh-day Adventist
4. Being able to play the flute
5. Being a stuardess in the best airways in the world
6. Having my mom as-mom
7. Visiting New York, and staying in the hotel in Manhattan
8. Visiting White House
9. Attending the Mess of the Pope in Vatican City
10. Being at the Great Wall of China
11. Walking the Corniche and the Mosque Hassan the second in Casablanca
12. Experience Doha
13. Visiting posh neighborhoods in Los Angeles
14. Studying classical music in Vienna, and having opportunity to be learned from the most significant musicians in our time.
15. First time in Moscow
16. Friendship with Rahul
17. Trip with mom to Istanbul
18. Spending day at the South Beach in Miami
19. Speaking fluently German
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
11. Buying a home
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
10. Bungee jumping
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
9. Getting married
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
8. Getting engaged
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
7. Learning how to snowboard
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
6. My entire soccer experience
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
5. Traveling to a foreign country - alone
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
4. Volunteering in a third world country
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
3. Selling my photography
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
2. Going to a WWE match
Photo added by Shiccy. 2 years ago
1. The day I adopted Shimo
Note Added
Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
1. Leaving my high school in order to study online.
2. Starting my own businesses.
3. The changes I see on a regular basis in my character/confidence/life/income...
4. Courses for personal trainers.
5. Bodybuilding competitions.
6. The decision to stop running and start lifting. I felt terrible being skinny and my confidence level was below -5.
7. Getting my driver license (final exams and my favorite instructors)
8. Being able to speak Spanish and Russian... and English.
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 3 years ago
1. The graduation day in the 9th grade (night actually, right after the formal part was wrapped up) we were driven to the several sightseeing places. Night. The city never sleeps, truly Lots of tourists, young people from city, night lights, adrenaline and the first time I was out at night!
2. The graduation day from high school (again night, because the formal part was dragging on and on and it was the most awful experience of my life), the night spent with my "loser friends" at recreational area of the school, talking, remembering and swearing to never let anyone walk over us. Dancing in the killer pink heels for the first time in my life. (How did I trip I break my legs and neck is a wonder XD)
3. Right after the mildly wild night I was shipped (literally) off for three days to out of country trip. Without parents or friends. Thrilling and terrifying. First on a train, then on a bus, then on a ship. Alone. (Sure there were responsible adults and other teens but still). It was truly a learning experience.
4. 10 days spent in Europe with my two friends from school and one from Uni. We went with a group but still. It's so amazing to do all these things without anyone hindering you. All YOU want to do. The beautiful upside of being an adult ;3
5. RAFTING. My friend from Uni invited me with her parents on a trip out of the city borders. I was simple AMAZING.
Note Added
Note added by Pan Reas. 3 years ago
I've come up with 27. It's very challenging to pinpoint specific experiences when sometimes something more general comes to mind, and to decide when something is good enough for the list.
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24/07/2015 : 92%
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24/07/2015 : 92%
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22/07/2016 : 75%
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22/07/2016 : 75%
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Note added by Jodie. 4 years ago
1. Being in love
2. Having a dog that absolutely adored me from 1999-2015 (love you baby)
3. Having big groups of friends
4. Always had decent grades
5. College 2009-2010
6. All the wonderful pets that I have owned
7. Learning to swim(mostly doggy paddle but hey, I could swim across the pool without stopping)
8. Seeing Sam Sparro and Robyn live at the o2

Okay... this is really difficult. ... I've been to Disney and seen multiple artists live but wouldn't class them as my best experiences.

This does however make me realise that I need to be more of a daredevil and push myself to experience new things.
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Note added by Sarah Gregory. 4 years ago
1) Going to Alton Towers and going on the bigger rides
2) Going to Barcelona and standing outside the Sagrada Familia
3) Going to Taragona and visiting the Amphitheatre
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Note added by Our Bucket List. 6 years ago
1. Meeting you.
2. Going on an exchange trip to La Gomera.
3. Moving abroad to Alicante, Spain.
4. Visiting the Vatican.
5. Giving blood.
6. Finding out I have a little sister.
7. Finding my uncle on facebook.
8. Boat trip along the river Seine, Paris.
9. Seeing the Bayeux tapestry, France.
10. Hot air balloon ride.
11. Playing guitar at 3am on the street in La Gomera, surrounded by good pals.
12. Having lunch underneath the Eiffel Tower, Paris.
13. Sailing alone, Cornwall.
14. Visiting the WW cemetery, France.
15. Walking along the beaches of Normandy as the sun was setting, France.
16. Witnessing a total solar eclipse for the first time.
17. Making a wish in the Trevi fountain, Rome.
18. Visiting NASA.
19. Climbing Mt Tide.
Note Added
Note added by Our Bucket List. 6 years ago
1. Meeting you.
2. Going on an exchange trip to La Gomera.
3. Moving abroad to Alicante, Spain.
4. Visiting the Vatican.
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Note added by M.Resco. 6 years ago
I have the first ten best experiences jet...
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Note added by Sylvia . 7 years ago
1. Cross Country Trip in 2000
2. Louisville, KY trip 2009
3. Cal Ripken O's game - 9/6/12
4. Scotland/England trip - spring 2012
5. Puerto Rico/bio-luminescent bay - Feb 2012
6. Meeting Scooby - April 2008
7. Picking out Ripley - November 2009
8. First Suspension with lisa - Vegas Nov 2012
9. Zipline Fremont St w/ Lisa - Vegas 11/23/12
10. Absinthe Show in front of Ceasars in Vegas - 11/23/12
11. Postseason Nats game w/ Dad - Oct 2012
Note Added
Note added by Elle Swan. 7 years ago
1 - Exchange year in Louisiana (August '09 - June '10)
2 - Seeing a thunderstorm from a plane (July '11)
3 - Watching 14th July fireworks from the top of the Empire State Building (July '11)
4 - Disney restaurant workers singing happy birthday to me for my 7th birthday (March '98)
5 - Muse (July '07)
6, 7, 8 & 9 - Rock Werchter '09, '10, '11 & '12
10 - Graduating (June '09)
11 - Graduating for the second time/Project Graduation (May '10)
12 - Prom (April '10)
13 - Senior trip to Croatia (April '09)
14 - Trip to Tennesse (April '10)
15 - Family trip to the US (July '11)
16 - Erasmus in Dublin (Sep to Dec '12)
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Note added by Brystal Caker. 8 years ago
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Note added by Jess Peters. 8 years ago
it took some thought, and they're harder to find when I'm having a bad day -- but then, that was the point, trying to dig myself out of the doldrums via thinking positive
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Note added by Jessica Graham. 8 years ago
1. Graduating high school
2. Living in Venezuela for a month
3. Performing the Just Say No performances
4. Going to Disneyland
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Note added by Hare. 8 years ago
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Note added by Hare. 8 years ago
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Note added by Leah Fraine. 8 years ago
1. Redsox game in Fenway Park. 2.
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Note added by Jennifer Bruns. 9 years ago
Started list with 20 experiences
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Note added by Penny L. 9 years ago
Melbourne - stepdad taught me how to swim Year 5 - owning Cassandra/talking to Dylan Luksia Art Award Selective Schools Test results ISCF Camp Alex's house - confession Chinese Food Festival 2010 Inception for Jeffrey's birthday S&J Wedding HP7 with Carrie & Co.
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Note added by Jocelyn . 10 years ago