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Get a job I love
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Note Added
Note added by Beth Piggott. 3 years ago
I have gone back to work for the Leicester Comedy Festival- and I am really enjoying it. It is however, only a temporary role so I am already looking for other things.
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Note added by Lucas Souza. 4 years ago
Atualmente eu gosto do que faço, já tive um trabalho que amava.

Agora o direcionamento é outro. É ter uma empresa para criar vários trabalhos neste sentido.
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Note added by Hannah Cp. 4 years ago
For a while there I was starting to think this one would never happen.

But it has.

Much huzzah!
Note Added
It's amazing how having an office can change your current job into a much better job.
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Note added by Sarah Olsson. 6 years ago
Compliance Job 12/18/13!!
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Note added by M. T.. 6 years ago
(alternativ aber auch eine Ausbildung oder sonstiges was in diese Sparte fällt, jenachdem was zu erst passiert)
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Note added by Theresa Delano. 6 years ago
CREATE a job I love!!!! DONE!
Note Added
Note added by kgden. 6 years ago
Received offer, 6/13
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Note added by kgden. 7 years ago
Met with Doug
Phone interview scheduled: Jessica
Phone interview scheduled: David
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Note added by Valerie Ponder. 8 years ago
I just finished writing my 101 Things that Make me Happy List! Wow, its amazing how some of the smallest thing put a smile on my face.
Some are small and inexpensive, some are expensive and hard to accomplish, some are frequent and others rare, but all equally make me smile!
Note Added
Note added by Valerie Ponder. 8 years ago
I work at a Museum and absolutely LOVE my job! Its amazing!
Note Added
Note added by Rachel. 8 years ago
Elementary School Paraprofessional