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Note Added
Note added by Ghazal. 3 years ago
I want new friends
Note Added
Note added by Pan Reas. 4 years ago
I made a new group of friends shortly after starting the project, through a book club. It's been great having this new group of all women with great conversation and seeing them pretty regularly. I would like to make more new friends, though I'm not sure how to go about it and haven't had much time lately - but if I do another challenge like this, I think it'll go on the list again.
Note Added
Note added by Yan Zhuang. 5 years ago
In National Service:
(Wirawati Charlie)
-Lin Xin (Selangor, classmate in Mahmud Shah)
-Chew Yee (Malacca, Taurus, classmate in Mahmud Shah)
-Lee Leng
-Yukky (Rembau, cute voice)
-Zhen Yuan (Johor, cute and 38 lol)
-Vy Gin
-Hui Chin

(Wirawati Bravo)
-Vicky (classmate in Mahmud Shah)

(Wirawati Alpha)
-Iyian (Tampin, like Mayday)
-Lee Ming (Iyian's roommate, classmate in Mahmud Shah)
-Mary Zhi Xin
-Jia Ern
Note Added
Note added by Yan Zhuang. 5 years ago
In National Service:
(Wira Delta)
-Ah Heng (Seremban)
-Teck Mun (Seremban, now study at MIU)
-Zhen Kai (Malacca)
-Wai Keen (Mantin Negeri Sembilan, Poh Yee's schoolmate, the tallest)
-Ah Han (Klang, he loves his girlfriend so much, stay sweet!)
-Ah Yong (Klang)
-Ah Niew (Klang, lembu)
-Minion (Seremban, cutest and nice guy in camp)
-Kee (Seremban, my crush lol)
-Amirul (Tampin)
-Mao (Seremban, like to say rude words lol)
Note Added
Note added by Yan Zhuang. 5 years ago
In National survice:
(Wirawati Delta)
-Huey Jian (Malacca, NDC, roommate, sweet voice)
-Poh Yee (Mantin Negeri Sembilan, like hot drinks like cold fruits)
-Mek (Johor, captain of our room, like the way she says bengong, she loves her boyfriend so much)
-Farrahin (Malacca)
-Jaha (Selangor, bed beside me, best Malay in camp, love J-pop and K-pop)
-Arelin (Selangor, scared of those "things", nice person)
-Balqis (Kiss Kiss, wearing brace, pretty)
-Umi (Johor, Delta Assict Scott)
-Kak Fathen (Delta Timbalan Assict Scott)
-Miao Li (Malacca, classmate in Mahmud Shah)
-Xie Li (Seremban, same mento during mento-mentee)
-Amanda (Klang)
-Hui Ping (Malacca)
-Dineshpriya (Malacca)
-Ezah (pretty but crazy)
-Mira (Ezah best friend)
-Mira (cool but nice)
-Wahidah (speaks Chinese, love reading)
-Gun (Tampin, use mirror when taking selfies)
-Hui Min (Malacca, 22 years old)
-Kak Eikin (nice handwriting)
-Sera (white on skin)
-Fara (Johor, forever sore throat)
-Diha (Malacca)
-Terri (Cute, caution of kolam!!)
-Sue May (Seremban, pretty but blur lol)
Note Added
Note added by Duarte Correia. 7 years ago
I am very demanding when it comes to describing what a friend really is. So although I've met some new people online that I talk to sort of regularly I won't check this. It needs to be someone who really earns the friend title. Predicted progess update: 2012.
Note Added
Note added by Rebecca Walker. 7 years ago
Matt Rose
Note Added
Note added by Ilse. 7 years ago
At least 8
Note Added
Note added by Holly Rogers. 9 years ago
Accomplished May 11th 2010 Met Alexandra Morgan, Mikayla Bolzonell, Will Guthro and Danny MacFarlane. Met during supper at Courtney Harris's