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Ride on the back of a motorcycle
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Photo added by Pan Reas. 2 years ago
My friend has a red Honda CB125E bike and all the protective gear I needed, so he took me around a 40-minute loop from Balmain through Pyrmont, Sydney, over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Notrh Sydney, St Leonards and the Lane Cove Tunnel, and Hunters Hill. The scariest part was the first few seconds we started moving. I was very tense and held on tight, but froze myself into positions that weren't good for my lower back or legs. But the important thing is I stayed on the bike! It was very cool to ride past the harbour and along the bridge. I don't think we rode me than 70km per hour but that was enough. He drove very carefully and smoothly and I felt safe, but I was already conscious of how vulnerable I was without a vehicle exterior.
Photo added by Pan Reas. 2 years ago
I got to ride on the back of this motor trike for a Barossa Valley tour and it was exhilarating! The speed got up to 115km at one point, but even at much lower speeds the wind was so strong. I had a huge jacket, gloves and helmet but the air still got in at the bottom of the helmet which sometimes made it hard to breathe. But, it was pretty amazing.
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Note added by Pan Reas. 2 years ago
I have a friend in Sydney who has a motorbike and hope I can visit him next year.
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Note added by Sarah Kennedy. 5 years ago
Done! Rode a red Suzuki with Dave from work. It was brilliant!
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Note added by Alice. 5 years ago
Not how I expected to accomplish that. Because a bike was broken and I lent mine out, injuring my foot on the back of that. Next thing I know I'm on the motorcycle!
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Note added by OMM. 8 years ago
COMPLETED on Saturday, August 27, 2011. Do Vespas count? I rode on the back of Andy H's Vespa and it was exhilirating and thrilling and I loved it so much. I'm not going to have the chance to ride on a real motorcycle (Harley) anytime soon, so I think his Vespa counts.