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Photo added by DomorVerbeuk . 1 years ago
My vision board: 18 photo's or prints of what I want to grow nearer to. Mostly from own photo's.
Photo added by DomorVerbeuk . 1 years ago
One of my vision board photo's. The horse is Victor, who died 2 years ago. But I rode him bridle-less every now and again because of the bond we had. Our current horse is still too spooky to ride, let alone without bridle. But I want to get that connection with him as well.
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Note added by DomorVerbeuk . 1 years ago
Pictures are ordered
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Note added by Rosie Goodenough. 1 years ago
It was amazing and inspiring to design my first vision board. I will not share the vision board, but I like to share the following which you would find on the board:

The best project you will ever work on is you
Photo added by Rae Cody. 2 years ago
Ready to be framed and inspire!
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Note added by Benni. 2 years ago
Ditto with the jar. >.> I've left some space on there to add to later, but I have a good start.
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Note added by Benni. 3 years ago
I've obtained a board. I have yet to add "vision" to it...
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Note added by Ko. 4 years ago
I ended up making a vision board on Pinterest for this whole 101/1001 thing! I'd also like to make a few more, maybe more specific, but this one as a whole focuses on all the goals I'm aiming to achieve with this list.
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Note added by Stephie . 4 years ago
Created two; one at home and one at work
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Note added by Anne . 6 years ago
July 3 - complete a 'Love' vision board. I will create one for work but will check this as complete.
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Thanks to
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Note added by Caroline. 9 years ago