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Identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
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Note added by T. 1 years ago
learning astrology stuff.
watching stephen colbert on youtube.
watching seth meyers.
watching jimmy kimmel.
you get the idea - Trevor Noah, conan o'brien, and so on.
love stuff
love stuff, when it's not making me sad
love stuff with this funny guy i know
learning palmistry stuff and looking at hands and palms.
watching people and thinking about characters.
dance is wonderful
watching any kind of dance
dancing at any time
dancing alone
singing along to stuff
singing stuff I remember from the past
singing hymns and carols
singing till it makes me cry
listening to music
listening to the full albums and full discographies of artistes i like
music videos
finding awesome music videos
learning about other lives through music videos
posting my annual top five music and music-video list on my personal blog
working on my annual top five music videos all year round
finding Nigerian music videos that can go on my top five list
remembering how much i love some of those awesome music and music-video experiences.
wondering properties of death
music that has owned my life at periods: Rufus Wainwright. Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly album.
writing stuff in my journals and scribble-notebooks
writing poems
plotting out my annual poetry collections
dreaming of people reading my writing someday when i'm dead
writing fiction.
writing shorter fiction.
writing longer fiction is hard, but there is happiness in many parts before and during the process and especially after the process.
the fact that i finished a "novel" makes me very happy and proud
the fact that i publicized the "novel" a tiny bit also makes me very happy and proud.
reading novels
reading the news
having a news-reading habit. Once it was BusinessDay (Nigeria) or The Guardian (Nigeria) or NEXT (Nigeria). I worked at the last two for some time. Working there, dreaming about working there, all that made me happy too.
Current news-reading habit: The Guardian UK and my blogs which lead to many blogs especially in business/tech/entertainment. Former news-reading habits also include The Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal for some months...when I was a teen oh wow TIME, Newsweek, when I could afford them.
Maintaining my blog RSS feeds. I remember when I was learning about this technology, RSS feeds, by reading another blog that I loved and admired, back in the day.
Being a blogger. One of the people who nudged me to blog is my father, oddly enough. Back then I was shy and/or concerned about privacy. My father criticizes me and sometimes that makes me see something that I might like to do that I had not tried to do. Same thing with boys, he's been critical that I've not got married and all that, and that made me try a bit to socialize with people with the intention of marrying them.
Boys are fun sometimes.
Men are fun sometimes.
Shagging is nice.
Arguing is nice sometimes.
Believing I can change the world is nice sometimes.
Doubting myself and then figuring it out is nice.
Feeling like I can write a good and simple story is nice.
Social media use is sometimes nice.
Emoji overuse is sometimes nice.
Not having a job is lovely.
Being able to avoid traffic and commuting, lovely.
Having my parents alive and healthy, I can't believe my luck.
Being lucky in this way, lovely.
Having my own bathroom/toilet is the best thing. I'm currently sharing sort of, but it's just with my sister so it's ok.
Nothing beats having your own bathroom.
What beats having your own bathroom? It's having food that is great that makes itself.
Having a job with a cafeteria is awesome.
Having a life with access to great meals at the right time is lovely.
Not being at war is awesome.
Not being slapped and harassed is the good life.
Being a grown-up is the best.
Being a book-person is the bestest.
The internet is so lovely. I know it has issues but it is such a treasure too.
Being blissfully unaware of the nasty side of the internet is fabulous.
Having money for food is great.
Having food cooked for you is great.
Having friends that adore you is a little over-luxurious, but it's still nice.
Having friends that disappoint you is, I don't know, in its own way, a happy opportunity.
Having friends that you adore is really super-awesome.
Music on the internet.
I still download music pirated.
Having access to pirated music.
Having access to pirated movies.
Variety of movies.
Great blogs.
Church. I don't go every week, but I usually find it wonderful.
My body, it's healthy and not wrecked.
My face, it's complex and part of a largely unknown head.
Seeing. Hearing.
Perfect weather, like now.
Perfect weather, like forever.
To not be too cold is paradise.
To not have dry weather, to have coastal weather and humidity is really joy.
To have travelled a bit
To have lived in a different language
To have travelled within Nigeria
To have been in America
To have been in The Middle East
To have hope of travelling so much in future
To have slept with hunks from every major world region
To have got the scholarships that let me get my dream education
Being overeducated
To have eaten so much ethnic cuisine
To have eaten so much excellent food
Excellent food
Background noise
Watching tennis
Dreaming of marrying Rafa Nadal
Falling in love with people I read about, watch, hear, ...
Having dreams that are just dreams
Having absolutely wild dreams that become reality
Watching children at play, not when they're messy, and not for long
Being useful at work
Being helpful and useful to people
Learning about the world
Being amazed at the little I know
Being aware of death and dying
Planning to learn new things
Pondering the what and why of math(s)
Beautiful words.
Good words that edify.
Human behaviour, character, motivation, from the safety of theory or story.
Having the internet that can help me travel without travelling
Having money for so much internet
Having internet that works most of the time and so well
Having hope
Not knowing the future
Teaching one-on-one
Teaching in class
Getting paid to teach
Public speaking for a purpose
When the bad one loses
When the good one wins
When the world goes from crazy and mean to saner and kinder
Knowing that people try to do right
Knowing that people have power to do right and sometimes use it

Knowing that there are thousands of things that make me happy...
Did I mention movies?
Movie theaters that are not too cold
Note Added
Note added by Raxa Desai . 2 years ago
My List:
1 - Massage & cupping at Massage Tonics. Ahhhhhhhh if only I could afford to do it daily
2 - Sitting at a cafe people watching - just chilling, specially on a nice autumn day
3 - A nice fire in the fireplace on a cold evening, a glass of wine & a good book to read