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Stop caring what other people think of me
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Note Added
Note added by Crossroad . 9 days ago
Something kept bothering me about Christmas and my sister. Now I know what it was.

She kept saying things related to me being single again. Lots of times. And the strange hugs..

It is very funny that it bothers my family so much more than it bothers me... Lol

We live in a country that has a housing problem due to more and more people deciding to live alone. They might have relationships sometimes but many decide to not live together.

I guess I am not the only one... Lol

Anyway, I think I am good at this goal now.

I wear my new pink hat when I go shopping. People always stare at me anyway. At least now I know why.. Lol

So I will mark this goal as done.
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Note added by Sarah Lamb . 6 months ago
I am making a start on this one step at a time. Today I was playing a multiplayer video game and someone messaged me accusing me of deliberately disconnecting and saying they had reported me. I did try to point out that I was actually doing quite well at the game so had no reason to quit and wouldn’t do that anyway, I just had a temporary problem with my internet but they didn’t believe me. In the past I would have been worried and upset by what they said and gotten into an argument trying to prove my point. I even had a response written ready to go but suddenly I just thought why am I bothering with this person? They can believe what they want about me and it doesn’t have to affect me at all. In fact if they are still aggravated about this non-issue and I move on then I have automatically won. I do not need to prove anything. So I simply stopped responding and felt relieved. It is such a small thing but something that would have got under my skin before. Baby steps.
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Note added by Stephanie Goodman . 1 years ago
I still care what people think of me, but it doesn't really affect my decisions so I call that a win!
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Note added by Monika. 1 years ago
Started: February 11, 2018 - ...

Feb 11 - Feb 28 -> 18/18 days
Mar 01 - Mar 31 -> 31/31 days
Apr 01 - Apr 30 -> 30/30 days
May 01 - May 31 -> .../31 days

Feb. 18 -> It's so much easier for me to recognize the exact moment when I start to overanalyze/panic/care about random people's opinions/thoughts. I am able to react within 2-3 seconds. It gets easier every day.

Today is day #35 (March, 18) and I can barely recognize myself.
The best decision ever! I don't even think about other people's opinions because I'm too busy working and doing other things. It's also more difficult to get on my nerves.
Now, I'll just repeat this ''challenge'' every single month until it becomes part of my personality. I still have a lot to improve.

Mar. 22 -> The difference is tremendous. Several times I tried to ''re-create'' the thinking patterns I previously had and I couldn't do it. Literally nothing happened (no negative thoughts, no compulsive doubts, and no negative emotions as if I've never had this problem before.) Just words.

Apr. 11 -> Some of the advantages:
1. I'm more straightforword. I don't hold back anymore. I don't tell people just what they want to hear. I don't feel the need to lie in order to be ''accepted.'' and I don't pretend everything is fine when it's not.

2. I take more chances and constantly seek new opportunities. I started using The 5 Second Rule again and incorporated the ''Let's Just Try and See What Happens'' approach I found in Manson's book. No more regrets and what ifs.

3. I decided to limit the time I spend with some people. + I made a list of some toxic people I want to avoid at all costs.

4. I don't think twice. I don't overanalyze. I don't try to predict other people's thoughts/opinions/reactions. I make decisions immediately. I don't try to come up with dozens of excuses anymore. Plus, there's one more advantage: I'm currently working on a new business project. Because of that I decided to learn more about marketing and photography so I don't have to pay more than I want and I can list these new skills on my resume. I've never expected that one to happen...

5. I finally wrote the procedural document I should have written at least 6 months ago.
Note Added
Note added by Samantha Plumb. 2 years ago
I got a third cat and did the most crazy cat lady thing ever by getting newborn pictures! IDGAF! I had a blast and they turned out soooooooo cute!
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Note added by Jodiesharp. 2 years ago
This is so hard. I'm tired of old men staring at me/my arse. What makes it worse is that literally everybody I meet thinks I am 12 years old.