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Go a week without buying anything
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Note Added
Note added by Adekvatnaya. 4 years ago
I'll start today. 29.10.2015, may be it will help me quit smoking
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Note added by Masha Harris . 5 years ago
I'm going to do this on my own terms. What I'm targeting, trying not to buy, is non-grocery food (food from gas stations, fast food, etc.). Also trying not to make any impulse purchases. I am, however, giving myself a few allowances. Next weekend (not sure which day) I will grocery shop as usual. And I am allowing myself to use gift cards - so, iced tea in the morning's still a go, and I have enough Subway points for one emergency six-inch sub if I need it.
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Note added by Davinsji. 5 years ago
Ik heb de afgelopen week (11 november - 18 november 2014) niets gekocht en geen geld uitgegeven.
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Note added by Nicole Moskites. 6 years ago
I did this without trying to, so I guess that I don't spend as much money as I thought!
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Note added by Imre J.. 6 years ago
A frequent event in the life of a jobless student.
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Note added by Cheryl Punzalan. 7 years ago
No job. BROKE!
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Note added by Mariana Vale. 8 years ago
no money no funny
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Note added by Stijn bookholt. 8 years ago
started sunday 13th of May
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Note added by Nikie Veld. 8 years ago
US, February 2012
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Note added by Emma Warburton. 8 years ago
This would be unnecessary items like books, clothes etc.
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Note added by River Gibson. 9 years ago
Frugal February and the Christchurch Earthquake made sure of this!
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Note added by Jenn . 10 years ago
I didn't buy anything for a whole week, and it's a few days later and I still haven't bought anything.