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Drink more water
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Note Added
Note added by Nurgul. 4 months ago
Drink 2.5 lt water every day
Buy a 2.5 lt bottle to complete your target
I drink at least 2lt every day now
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Note added by Angi. 6 months ago
Starting Jan. 6, 2020 - try to drink at least two bottles(32 oz.) per day
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Note added by Sorumlu Tembel. 1 years ago
1 Eylül: 2 litre
2 Eylül: 2 litre
3 Eylül: 2 litre
4 Eylül: 1.5 litre
5 Eylül: 0.5 litre
6 Eylül: -
7 Eylül: 2 litre
8 Eylül: 0.75 litre
9 Eylül: 1.5 litre
10 Eylül: 2 litre
11 Eylül: 2 litre
12 Eylül:
13 Eylül:
14 Eylül:
15 Eylül:
16 Eylül:
17 Eylül:
18 Eylül:
19 Eylül:
20 Eylül:
21 Eylül:
22 Eylül:
23 Eylül:
24 Eylül:
25 Eylül:
26 Eylül:
27 Eylül:
28 Eylül:
29 Eylül:
30 Eylül:

Eylül total:
Note Added
Note added by Soni De Silva. 2 years ago
Drink 3 bottles a day for a week
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Note added by Jodiesharp. 3 years ago
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Note added by Hijinkz. 3 years ago
I'm drinking crazy amounts of water right now, like 4L a day!
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Note added by Megan . 4 years ago
I am definitely marking this done. My water is with me most of the day now, it's the first thing I reach for when I get up or when I get to work, and-- most importantly for this goal-- I'm feeling a big difference in my energy levels and seeing a big difference in my skin. Today I'm picking up an infusion pitcher so I can continue to do infused water like cucumber-lemon without the pain in the ass straining and funneling.
Note Added
Note added by Megan . 4 years ago
Literally as I type this, even! This goal is going really well. I have a water bottle at home and a water bottle I keep at work now, and it's becoming more of a habit to keep both at hand.

My original idea for this goal was to slowly progress how many glasses a day I drank, but I was finding this really difficult and too much of a chore. Focusing on just increasing my overall intake, on noticing when I have the bottle with me and when I don't and how actively I'm having to refill it, is working way better. So I think this will count as done as long as I can keep this up through September.

I do still kinda want to try that crazy gallon challenge at the end, though.
Note Added
Note added by linu alex. 5 years ago
Started today....
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Note added by lisootju. 5 years ago
27-02-2015: Started today by making two cups of something, everytime I make myself a drink. I'm running up and down to the toilet (:-O)