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Spend a day without technology
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love it!
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Rather than the normal picture I do for these sorts of things I figured I'd see the "Day without technology" thing to completion and depict the day via drawing rather than photograph. I may come back and ink the thing some day but this is about the maximum of my artistic ability, so I should probably just leave it alone!
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Trindade - RJ
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Note added by Barb Kyllingstad. 2 years ago
I completed this as part of the Infomagic project!
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Note added by Thea Buck . 3 years ago
Interesting little experiment! I did get so much done though, since I wasn't constantly checking my phone or playing on my iPad!
Photo added by Judith Kanaar. 3 years ago
Basically, it came down to reading and sleeping that day. And I sure was well rested afterwards!
Photo added by Judith Kanaar. 3 years ago
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Note added by Apphia Barton. 4 years ago
Counting the days I spent in camp as technology-less days (After my phone fell in the water in Tobago!)
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Note added by Masha Harris. 4 years ago
Failed attempt 2/15/15
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Note added by Masha Harris. 4 years ago
Planned date: 2/15/15. Preapproved uses of technology:
1. Alarm clock on phone so I don't sleep all day
2. Car to go for coffee (otherwise I'm staying in for the day)
3. Phone to call and get a cribbage sub (I forgot and MUST do it)

All other uses are a no-go.
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luxemburgkamp 2014
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Note added by Hayley Garcia. 5 years ago
I spent over a week without any reception and ability to contact the reality outside of my present one, and I can honestly say it was one of the best things I've ever done
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Note added by Julie Lou. 6 years ago