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Note Added
Note added by Monika. 1 years ago
September 24, 2018 - October 23, 2018

- Coding 101 (Python)
* courses/books (every day learn something new + practice)

- Improve my Italian
* every day (listening - at least 2 hours; reading - 3 articles/15 pages; 5 new words) = about 2,5 hrs

- Start walking regularly (I still can't go back to my gym)

- Neurobiology
* every day (read 5 articles/day) + take notes
* new courses/books

- Blues music
* Listen to 30 blues bands/singers (|songs) I've never listened to.
* Learn more about blues music
Note Added
Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
If procrastinating is a habit, you have to replace the bad behavior pattern (avoidance) with a new positive one (getting started). #5SecondRule

01/01/17 - 01/31/17 - The No Procrastination Challenge

- Learn at least 500 new words in Italian (about 17-20 words/day) --> Done; I already speak Spanish so it's a whole lot easier + I love learning new languages.

- Become fluent in English --> I guess it'll take me several more months but I am definitely more confident when I have to use English and I improved my vocabulary. Unfortunately it's impossible to be fluent in any language.

- Every night make a to-do list for the next day --> Done

- Evaluate my day before I go to bed at night --> Done

- Make a workout routine and stick to it --> 5x/week lifting sessions, 2-3x/week 20mins of cardio

January&February 2018

- Start lifting again and gain those 5kgs I lost. Try to workout with my friend Mariusz and learn something new. + Train with someone who knows about my current health problems and who can help me in case I start having some problems with walking etc.
* 5x/week -> lifting sessions + calisthenics (1x/week) + cardio (1x/week for 10mins before I start lifting)
* 1x/week -> cardio on Saturday (max 20mins)
* start using creatine

- Improve my Spanish
* 5x/week -> create a new study plan
* start talking in Spanish with native speakers (+ on Thursdays during meetings)
* DELE C2 Certificate

- Improve my English
* 5x/week -> create a new study plan
* Accent Reduction Therapy with American native speakers via Skype
* start speaking English in 6.Dzielnica (95% + try and avoid Poles)
* TOEFL C2 + Business English Certificate
* continue my current habits

- Playing piano
* 7x/week -> create a new study plan
* Learn to play Clint Mansell's songs
* Hire a teacher + practice on a grand piano (in June?)

- Clients&Money
* start using my car again and start visiting my clients (I need at least 5 new clients)
* Improve my product
* New clients from Czech Republic (new advertisements)

- Learn to dance & swim
* Flamenco classes 1x/week
* Pole dancing classes 1x/week
* Swimming lessons with my mom 1x/week
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 3 years ago
Here we go.