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Note Added
Note added by Pawel. 3 years ago
My Manifesto.
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Note added by linu alex. 4 years ago
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Note added by Masha Harris . 4 years ago
To build a life that is peaceful, reflective, and affirming, so that I may triumph over depression and the parts of my past that hurt me. I will accomplish this through hard work in therapy, actively trying to seize every positive moment, and through the extensive pursuit of various forms of art.
Photo added by Jake Burgett. 5 years ago
I am at my best when I have found something worth doing. My life's journey is at the tipping point; I am caught between being a child and something else, something greater, ready to move but afraid to fall. With the help of friends, of those who love and are loved by me, I will find the strength to leap and fly with my own wings. I will be a person who took every shot, who believed in risks and challenges and failures; who learned from everything that happened, so if nothing else, I can offer people the truest advice: "Be patient and tough- someday this pain will be useful to you." I will be a quiet place for my loved ones to rest; when they cannot stand to fight, I will shield them from the world until they are strong again.

I can do anthing I set my mind to. I will move to Montreal to be with my battle-brother, build a house and home together, and live a life where I don't have to sacrifice my everything for others' convenience. I will enjoy my work by finding employment where I can make a difference with my work, doing something that makes the world better, no matter how small the degree. I will find opportunities to use my natural talents, such as inter- and intrapersonal communication and adaptability. I will enrich my personal life through writing, constantly, whether it be just a few words a day to pages by the hour.

I will strive to learn from the lessons of my past and gain the virtues of patience, perserverence, and passion.
I will stop procrastinating, and work on accepting that:
I am strong enough to change, to take control of my life.
I am allowed to mess up, to make mistakes, to ask for help.
I deserve a place in this world.
I will constantly renew myself by focusing on the four dimensions of my life:
Recovery; strengthening the hips and core muscles, maintaining a healthy body weight and image.
Constance; remembering to lean against the lessons of my past, to follow the path of my future.
Reconciliation; learning to cope with my disabilities, finding ways to not consider them a hindrance.
Peace; knowing that I am not what happened to me, even if I have been changed by it.
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Note added by Lara Inskip. 5 years ago
To focus on and protect Freedom, Beauty, Truth and Love
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Note added by Amy Francis. 6 years ago
Trust the Universal energy and grow towards the stars
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Photo added by Ash. 6 years ago
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Note added by Ash. 6 years ago
I refuse to be brought down by negativity, opinions and judgements. People no longer in my life did not deserve to be there in the first place. I will be stronger, tougher, patient and have faith, instead of crying about my problems, sharing them or lashing out. Everything happens for a reason and for the best. I will believe!
Note Added
Note added by Samantha T. 6 years ago
Everyday is a chance to do something that makes you happy so, go do it. I am committed to breaking my goals down into manageable steps and making things happen. Watch this space.
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Note added by Raymonda. 7 years ago
I've gone to several places with public restrooms. Problem is - I keep forgetting to bring a Sharpie.
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Note added by Jennifer O'Neill. 7 years ago
"Let it be". I've been talking with my girlfriends about this one a lot. Encapsulates seizing the day, but also letting things just happen organically. Karma!
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Note added by Geneva Nemzek. 7 years ago
"I will stay positive and do what I can to spread that positivity to others."
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Note added by Leah Fraine. 8 years ago
The purpose of my life is to be a quality being. I intend to participate fully, & in my encounters with others, strive to leave them in better shape than when they arrived.
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Note added by Ruth Bradley. 8 years ago
To inspire and empower others to be their best and live their best life, while being my best and living my best life through love, honesty, joy and power.
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Note added by Cyndi McNamara. 9 years ago
9/14/10: I will raise my children to love themselves and embrace diversity. I will enjoy all life has to offer and give my best in return. I will help any person to the best of my ability. I will never settle for less than I am worth. I will be true to myself.