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Note Added
Note added by Emily Oschmann. 1 years ago
Made my list of 101 things in 1,001 days today.
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Note added by Masha Harris . 2 years ago
So I'm at the point in my 101/1001 where almost everything that's left is long-term, things I can't mark as done until my 1001 is up on October 31. As such, I've decided that I can start in on goals in my 102/1002 early. I'm still going to have the 1002 days start on November 1 and finish on July 20, 2020, but if I get a jump on some things in the meantime, I figure there's no harm in it. I need more goals to work towards!
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 2 years ago
01 Current Priorities
02 Wellness
03 Creativity
04 Career
05 Travel and Culture
06 Financial
07 Social
08 Miscellaneous
09 Outrageous Dreams
Note Added
Note added by Julie Bennett. 3 years ago
As I only have a week left on this list, I'm now making a new one!
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Note added by Joy Phillips. 7 years ago
76) Sword fighting lessons
77) Own all Dwayne Johnson films
78) Watch all of Buffy and Angel and in order.
79) Eat or drink 2 portions of fruit or veg a day for a month.
80) Keep a diary every day for a year, ala bridget Jones.
81) Set up a geocache.
82) For one month get up and go to bed at the same time every day, see if it helps the tiredness.
83) For one month swap every piece of chocolate or bag of crisps for fruit or nuts
84) Visit 5 historical places around greater Manchester and Salford.
85) Say what I think every time for a month. Don’t bite my tongue for other peoples feelings, don’t be mean for the sake of it
86) Ignore all hints for a month.
87) Take a long weekend or week off to just play video games
88) Get to Rank 10 and an awesome position in Fabled Lands
89) Buy 15 different coloured nail varnishes.
90) Find another idea for a new LRP
91) Swim 20 lengths breathing correctly front crawl
92) Swim 10 lengths breathing correctly breast stroke
93) Look into swimming and life saving courses
94) Do a Spanish course
95) Write Draconia.
96) Visit rohan
97) Write a short story a year
98) Do something epic in at least one lrp a year.
Note Added
Note added by Anja. 7 years ago
Started to collect ideas for a new list in the Someday list
Note Added
Note added by Joy Phillips. 7 years ago
51) Buy 10 classic DVD’s/Blu-rays 52) Own 5 musical DVD’s/Blu-rays. 53) Own 5 Disney DVD’s/Blu-rays 54) Run Evernight again or season 2 if people want. 55) Do something with people I don’t see regularly once every 2 months? 56) Sort out a private pension – or at least learn about pensions. 57) Have some non 101 savings 58) Get my LARP to fund itself 59) Keep a rolling wish/need shopping list 60) Put up a chalk or pin board 61) Try to get my wonky tooth fixed 62) Have a lazer eye surgery assessment 63) Get prescription goggles. 64) Vibrate every day for a month. 65) Have an empty laundry basket. 66) Get an aromatherapy massage once a month 67) Do a jigsaw to glue and frame and hang. 68) Finance diary 69) Buy bean bags. 70) Learn a language well enough to get by on holiday. 71) Write a list of 20 authors I want to read more by. 72) Write Umbrella 2. 73) Write Katlina’s retirement. 74) Have a cup of tea in 5 different houses within 24 hours. 75) Design a black work cross stitch and make it in purple.
Note Added
Note added by Joy Phillips. 7 years ago
1) Pay off Barclays overdraft 2) Try for a baby 3) Learn to drive 4) Save ?10 for every goal achieved 5) Get a car 6) Travel to New Zealand 7) Get something published 8) Do an OU course 9) Have 3000 points of fully painted Tyranid models. 10) Buy a gaming mouse. 11) Take an hour every week to switch off and relax 12) Run a fantasy RPG where the world is built from scratch and the campaign is all mine. Savage worlds. 13) Celebrate my 30th in style 14) Read all the Discworld novels in order 15) Re-read LOTR including the hobbit, the Similarian and the unfinished tales. 16) Visit all 7 continents 17) Collect and edit recipes into a custom recipe book 18) Do another 26 films list for different genres. 19) Try the 26 list for a book genre 20) Bungee jump 21) Get an aquarium and some fish. 22) Make LARP props 23) Have a proper spring clean once a year. 24) Clean the bathroom and kitchen thoroughly once a fortnight 25) Spend half my savings from last mission 101 on something awesome for me. EG, LARP kit, Bike, Holiday. Whatever seems most appropriate. – I have to be selfish and it has to be awesome.
Note Added
Note added by Meg Davies. 7 years ago
megz4-take 2
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Note added by B.. 8 years ago