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Complete the 30 Day Shred
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Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred is an awesome workout that will begin showing a difference in your body in about 5 days, and put you that much closer to a body like the super toned, super hot Jillian Michaels. This workout operates under the principle of muscle confusion, which means your development will not plateau, and you will see results fast....

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Note Added
Note added by Amanda G. 4 years ago
Started but stopped with the holidays, I plan to restart this goal on Dec 30, 2015 and will complete it after that no matter how many days it takes me!
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Note added by Jenna Abbs. 6 years ago
Started Monday 07/04/2014 - Scheduled completion 06/05/2014
Note Added
Note added by Jess Hansford. 6 years ago
01/01/14 - Seriously underestimated this task. Just attempted and only completed one circuit (6 mins)!? Probelm is that the floorboards are so loud that everyone will hear me in the cardio section! Need to find a way around this
Note Added
Note added by Colleen. 6 years ago
1/26/14 - 12/9/14
Note Added
Note added by Tante Jul. 6 years ago
Having skipped a few days I have done day 16 of the 30 day shred today, and I have lost an AMAZING 300 grams... My thighs and arms are beginning to feel very different, though
Note Added
Note added by Eefje. 6 years ago
6 augustus : day 1!
Note Added
Note added by Sara Webster. 6 years ago
Up to Day 11!
Note Added
Note added by MW. 6 years ago
Note Added
Started yesterday with level 1, and it's hard! But I'm going to try to complete this goal. (:
Note Added
Note added by Margaret Gray. 7 years ago
1-4 days done
Note Added
Note added by Victoria Wilson. 7 years ago
30th December 2012: Started this today.
Note Added
Note added by Jo. 7 years ago
This will hurt ! Only ever made it to day 3 or 4..
Note Added
Note added by Georgina H. 7 years ago
24 July '12 - I completed day 3 today and it's starting to get a bit easier. I can actually do some push ups now, which is amazing. I'm really enjoying it and it fits well in around my running
Note Added
Note added by Victoria Wilson. 7 years ago
26th June 2012: Started this today!