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Exercise 2.5 hours per week
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I have not yet determined which goals will make the cut as I flush/chuck/nuke my way to 2019's list, but this one will definitely be joining me.

While we don't do it every day, Kai and I have been fairly consistent in our 10-minute yoga sessions. So much so that, Santa got both kids their own yoga mats for Christmas. If one of them loses interest in yoga, perhaps the other will practice with me. Having two kids means you have a backup. (And if they both reject me? That's called me time.)

Anya has expressed interest in exercising with me again, so I also picked up matching cold-weather walking clothes for us. These are going under my mom's tree; she's currently on oxygen and homebound, so I've been doing her Christmas shopping for her. So technically I bought my own present. But it's more a present for Anya, as the outfit I chose will appeal more to her than to me. My present in the deal is getting her to go out and walk with me.

I've realized I'm doing this all wrong. I've been trying to figure out how to fit exercise into my schedule. That's never going to work. Instead, I need to set the exercise schedule and see what fits in around that. Because if I don't take care of my body, it's going to fall apart -- and then I won't be able to do much of anything else.
Note Added
[I intended to write a note, not a comment...nor did I intend to comment twice. Ahem.]

I'm sick and Kai's sick and Anya's recovering from being sick, so I'm setting my sights low at the moment: I want to add a 10-minute yoga session to my day.

Kai just pulled me away from work to do baby yoga. I bought this book of toddler yoga poses for Anya, but she was never really all that into it as a toddler. Kai, on the other hand, loves doing yoga with me. (So does Anya, now. In her toddler days, she was more interested in standing on my head.) It felt so good to stretch. Felt good to take a break with Kai. And these stretches are something I can do even while sick. So I'm going to shoot for one 10-minute yoga session each morning. I can fit that in easy.
Note Added
This isn't where I want to be, but I'm coming to accept it's probably the most I can achieve right now. I can't always manage daily exercise. I can't always walk 5 miles per day...or even 2, some days. Work piles up and kids get sick and ish happens. But I need to move. I need to take care of me, or nothing else gets done. So I'm setting my sights lower: 30 minutes, 5 days per week. Or the equivalent thereof.

It's really not going to be all that long before I can do more. I can't lose sight of that. In the interim, this will give me a target to shoot for that doesn't make me feel like such a loser.