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Pay off my debt
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Note Added
The loan came in, and I have paid off probably around 2/3 of my debt. And I just got my salary offer for the part-time gig -- much more than I was anticipating, plus possibly offering the flexibility to continue with m y morning gig -- so I am breathing easier. But I can't stop here. I need to break the cycle, or in five years I'll be right back in this same mess again.

Here's the plan:
- The debt gets paid off in its entirety. Nothing else gets charged until the debt is paid. Thereafter, if we do have to charge something, the balance gets paid off before anything else.
- I set aside money for Christmas, and spend only that amount.
- The loan will be paid off before we buy a new car.
- Before we buy a house, or even move into a house with higher rent, we will have a minimum of 6 months of living expenses saved up -- ideally 12.
- Until we have that money saved up, we make this house work. If we have to shut down my office and move everything into storage, so be it.

I am done freaking out over money. It ends here.
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Note added by Matt Morgan. 3 years ago
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Note added by Matt Morgan. 4 years ago
So it's now 27/10/2015, 18 months since my last update to the day!
I've now paid £14,256 in total. £3,136 still to pay - the end is in sight.
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Note added by Matt Morgan. 5 years ago
As of 27/04/2014, I've paid off £6,738. I aim to pay another £12,262. Currently at the rate of £320/month.
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Note added by Laura Davidson. 7 years ago
May 2012.
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Note added by Renee MBM. 8 years ago
Paid of general credit card today. Next: the store card. Then: the rest of the home loan.
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Note added by Donna . 9 years ago
paid my last repayment of ?11.57 today
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Note added by Kristin. 9 years ago