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Walk 520 miles with my daughter in 2019
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Note Added
We missed January by a hair: 42.25 miles versus a projected 43.33 miles. We've been a lot more active this month, though, so I'm inclined to spot us the missing mile. But we haven't been shopping, so I don't know if there are walking outfits out there that we would want. I have tentative plans for a girls' day with my mom next week, though; if I see outfits I like, I may surprise Anya with them.
Note Added
I haven't worked out how we're going to track this yet. She and I went on a couple of walks this past week, but I'm considering last week a run-up to the new year. (Meaning I'll count it in a pinch, but otherwise it was a vacation from resolutions. Ha!)

She doesn't have a Fitbit. So we'll have to run on what mine says. And I realize we won't be able to walk 10 miles every week; some weeks we will walk more and some less. (This will be one of those weeks, with all this rain.) I guess what I'll have to do is track each walk as we take it.

Actually, that could be fun. We seem to be having heart-to-hearts as we walk. It's a totally different experience than simply walking by myself.
Note Added
Mom bought Anya and I matching walking outfits for Christmas. (Actually, I bought them. Mom was too sick to shop, so she gave me a wad of cash and told me to go to town. So I did.) Anya's at the twinsies age; she wants to dress like me and be like me as often as possible. Getting her to go for a walk with me is as easy as dressing us alike.

We've made a pact for the coming year, to walk as many days as the weather permits. I'm not sure if we will make 520, but it seems like an easy goal: 2 miles per day, 5 days per week. If our finances permit, I'd like to give us incentive: If we make 40 miles a month, I'll buy us new walking outfits. If things really take off, I can add other incentives -- hand weights, new sneakers, stuff like that. Because if we manage to keep this up on the regular, we'll need all of those things.

We've also agreed that, on days we can't walk, we will do some sort of exercise together. This likely won't be as extensive as the walking -- probably just 10-15 minutes of something. But even a little bit will help.