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Cook with my kids
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I have these nutritional drinks that help me keep full in the face of this stupid diet. They taste like all nutritional drinks; very sweet and artificial, with a funky oily aftertaste. I quit drinking stuff like this years ago because they don't taste remotely like any genuine food item. But while I'm on this restricted diet, needs must.

My kids saw the package in the fridge while I was putting groceries away and was thus distracted. They each grabbed a bottle. "I want milk," Anya said. "Kai milk," Kai agreed. It wasn't until I heard them peeling the wrappers off the bottles that I realized they were planning on drinking *my* "milk." I took the bottles back, explained that those drinks were Mommy's (they know that there are some things I eat that are off limits to them because it's all I can have), and got them some chocolate milk.

Which I desperately wish I could have indulged in myself; it tastes way better than this crap. Anyhoo.

My children are irresistibly drawn to novel foods -- but only if they come in little individual packages. I wonder, though, if cooking with them wouldn't spark their interest as well. My daughter got a cookbook for Christmas, and is suddenly interested in food and cooking and eating -- yes, she's eating! My son, while not able to cook independently, is very interested in helping. Maybe if I involve the both of them in meal selection and preparation (less the former at first, lest they eat nothing but cheese sandwiches and pasta), their attraction to novelty will be redirected from neon orange chips to healthy food.

Or not. It's worth a shot, at least.