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Photo added by Megan . 2 days ago
My cats Well, all cats in general really, but of course especially mine. I've had cats all my life. This is Cal asleep with his tail in his mouth-- since I was little I wanted an orange cat just like this, and I love him so much.
Photo added by Megan . 12 days ago
Books-- My lifetime passion and companions.
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Note added by Liz. 5 months ago
9. Drinking cold water on a hot day.
10. Holding hands with Dan.
11. That post workout high
12. The smell if clean laundry
13. The smell of fresh cut grass
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Note added by Liz. 5 months ago
1. the smell of clean laundry
2. sunny days
3. my dogs acting goofy and playful
4. good coffee
5. completing a difficult project
6. naps in the sun
7. naps on a float in the pool
8. getting immersed in a book
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Note added by Maud. 1 years ago
I made a list, now I only have to fill it in
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Note added by Roxanne Luca . 2 years ago
1. My friend
2. my daughter
3. earl grey de la creme
4. my daemon
5. playing video games like Dragon Age 2
6. listening to damn good music
7. deity
8. buying my own stuff with my own money
9. dressing well
10. buying new clothes that look good on me
11. spending time with friends who truly accept me
12. dancing
13. certain cartoons/anime
14. finishing a song
15. finishing art that looks good
16. selling in the artist's alley
17. compliments on my achievements
18. compliments on my fashion sense
19. making music
20. my gingerbread voodoo doll
21. having my own computer
22. a tasty meal
23. city lights at night
24. dusk/sunset
25. going outside in the morning
26. black sesame smoothies (or black sesame anything, really)
27. taking part in a satisfying ritual
28. afternoon tea
29. a clean home
30. laying in a cushy bed
31. whipped cream
32. other good tea that isn't earl grey
33. baking something beautiful and delicious
34. the first signs of spring
35. warm, sunny days
36. silly cute things that aren't puke-worthy
37. marshmallows
38. when people actually respect my wishes
39. new art supplies
40. synths/gear with flashy lights
41. flowers in full bloom
42. view of the city from up high
43. urban witchcraft / technopaganism
44. food that tastes like nana's/papa's/mom's cooking
45. watching a really close match on esports/tourneys
46. when someone tells me they love me for me, and really means it
47. reading something that validates an idle feeling or belief of mine
48. helping the needy and knowing I truly helped
49. overcoming fear and anxiety
50. developing routines that work
51. cookie dough ice cream
52. my town
53. cupcakes
54. Blue Goose bakery
55. anything remotely related to Sailor Moon
56. strawberries
57. seeing strangers who dress like me or my friends
58. solo walks in secluded places
59. dessert
60. fun drinks
61. hot chocolate
62. good sex
63. when strangers surprise me by being progressive and open-minded
64. when I can relate to a character or personality quite well
65. latino/hispanic pride
66. buffet restaurants, even though the food is usually gross
67. deep conversations
68. multiplayer games
69. playing checkers or chess
70. massages
71. singing well
72. when somebody else does household chores before I ask them to
73. good movies
74. useful lessons in movies
75. getting lost in a really good book
76. happy faces on food
77. carnival games
78. festival food and novelties
79. being invited to parties
80. publishing a blog post
81. having a job I actually like
82. arcades, especially if modern/cutting-edge
83. self-serve froyo
84. double rainbows
85. other sky phenomena
86. identifying constellations
87. tarot cards
88. ravens and crows
89. watching vivi build or arrange things
90. free samples
91. visible progress in even the smallest capacity, like the ball of lint that forms in the vacuum cleaner
92. high quality red wine
93. good beer, red ale or stout
94. true love
95. wedding gowns and tuxedos in the shop window
96. little kids being kids in public
97. realistically depressing song lyrics
98. Japanese sweet potato flavor and chestnut flavor during autumn
99. seasonal food specials
100. bodies of (clean) water
101. epic dreams
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Note added by Melissa Miller. 3 years ago
0/101 photos
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Note added by Christiana. 4 years ago
More info on my blog:
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Note added by Kelsey Ross. 5 years ago
1. My pets
2. Babies and baby animals.
3. Laughing
4. Naps
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Note added by Kelsey Ross. 5 years ago
1. My pets
2. Babies and baby animals.
3. Laughing
4. Naps
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Note added by Carina Rebelo. 5 years ago
1) Making lists and read them
2) Books
3) Tea
4) Stars
5) Blankets
6) Nuggets
8) Chips
9) My camera *-*
10) Sea
11) Antique objects
12) Allan Poe poems *-*
13) Drawing
14) Snow *-*
15) The smell of newly washed stuff
16) Cookies
17) Rainny days
18) Writing
19) Blue Stuff
20) Chinese food
21) New clothes
23) Art
24) Tim Burton movies *-*
25) Singing
26) Teddy octopus (they're cute)
27) No school day!!!!
28) Dancing
29) Eat in bed
30) Disney
31) Chocolate \o/
32) Nirvana songs *-*
33) Finding money
34) Trying new foods
35) Jonhy Depp movies
36) Travelling
37) Going to the movies
38) Cappuccino with friends *-*
39) The cold side of the pillow
40) Sushi *-*
41) Good covers
42) Iced coffee *-*
43) Camping
44) Hugs *-*
45) Muffins!
46) Enjoying a private joke with someone in the middle of a (group) conversation, while everyone else is clueless
47) Stracciatella Ice cream *-*
48) Sleep overs \o/
49) Taking Pictures
50) Planning surprise parties and gifts
51) Being told that I was right
52) Have a good grade
53) Laugh
54) Make people laugh
55) Orange juice
56) Telling a traffic-light that it has to turn green and seeing it turning green the second I say it
57) Pasta
58) Trying to throw something in the bin from a distance and scoring
59) Weekends with friends
60) Seeing the people I love being happy and content with their lives
61) Kissing
62) Swim underwater
63) Staying up for a night with some friends, watching awesome movies and drinking a lot of coke
64) Sitting in front of a heater on cold days
65) Honey toasts
66) Hold my breath underwater
67) Watch the sunset on the beach
68) Mountains
69) Birthdays
70) Quotes
71) Fresh air
72) Sweats and leggins at home
73) Scrapbooking
74) Rainbows
75) Cook of myself
76) Good Dramas
77) Sarcasm
78) Funny stuff
79) Massages
80) Invent new stuff to do/eat...
81) Poems
82) Bookstores
83) Jeans
84) Warm socks
85) Hot tubs
86) Natural views
87) All Stars
88) Orchids
89) Movie marathons with friends
90) Shorts and t-shits
91) Joke around with everyone and no one gets offend
92) Cute dresses
93) Smart people
94) To post on my blog
95) Eat with friends
96) Smile to stranges
97) Black and white photos
98) The smell of the dawn
99) Smoke when I'm stressed out
100) Tumblr
101) Watch series

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Note added by camilla hoydal. 5 years ago
1. Getting cute texts
2. Watching my dogs play
3. The sun
4. My lovley friends
5. mom
6. dag
7. my siblings
8. My room
9. My mercedes, freakin love that car
10. Beeing at school with my "group"
11. My fish
12. Buy a new box of "snus"
13. making my sister laugh
14. My faith tattoo
15. God
16. My plan fadder child in Nepal
17. Working my ass off in a boring store, then get a beautiful paycheck
18. When my boyfriend smiles at me
19. Seeing my mom really, truly happy
20. When my dad comes home from work after 5 weeks.
21. New shoes
22. Glee
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Note added by Allie . 5 years ago
101 Things that Make Me Happy (:

1. Seeing my boyfriend in a happy mood.
2. My pet birdies.
3. Sleepy mornings without urgency.
4. Discovering a new favorite song & listening to it repeatedly.
5. Laughing with colleagues & friends.
6. Last day of school before breaks.
7. Ghostbusters.
8. 1st snowfall of winter.
9. Crafting in my free time.
10. Having free time.
11. Happy, playful children.
12. When students say, “I get it!”
13. When students say, “That lesson was cool.”
14. Starbucks on a chilly day.
15. Pumpkins.
16. Giving or receiving gifts.
17. Being on the receiving end of a genuine compliment.
18. Wearing a comfy hoodie.
19. Sleepytime tea before bed.
20. My adorable Christmas tree ornaments.
21. Hugging my boyfriend.
22. Sleeping with the windows open.
23. Seeing fireflies.
24. Looking forward to a trip.
25. Bright colors.
26. Getting a card in the mail.
27. Making a new recipe & loving it!
28. The smell of a nice perfume.
29. Driving on a sunny day.
30. Hiking in Wisconsin.
31. Playing Irish fiddle music.
32. Sitting in the gazebo at my parents’ house.
33. Last note performed at a concert.
34. Fresh tomatoes.
35. Dancing without anyone watching & for no reason.
36. When my bed smells like fresh laundry.
37. Going for a run.
38. New shampoo.
39. Being awake before most people.
40. Getting a back rub.
41. Little kids dressed up in costumes.
42. Shopping at Cracker Jax.
43. Pretty, old Victorian houses.
44. Sparkly, shiny things.
45. Watching as a craft project begins to take shape.
46. All kinds of foods… Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Italian, seafood, etc.
47. Sock monkeys.
48. Relaxing & watching TV.
49. Sharing snacks with Bailey.
50. Snow days aren’t just good for students!
51. Unnecessary drawings done by students on the back of tests.
52. That’s-what-she-said moments.
53. Cupcakes!
54. My cute apartment.
55. Shopping at Anthropologie.
56. Watching my birds play with a new toy.
57. Text messages from my boyfriend.
58. Daydreaming about my future house.
59. Browsing images and ideas on Pinterest.
60. Listening to old favorite songs.
61. Completing my to-do list within a day.
62. Going out for dinner with my parents.
63. Getting my tax refund.
64. Pay day.
65. Photo booths.
66. Watching a really talented musician perform effortlessly.
67. Buying fresh flowers or a live plant.
68. Coloring… like a little kid.
69. Snowmen.
70. Photography.
71. Wind-up toys.
72. Indian art & clothes -- they’re just so decorative & bright!
73. My collection of magnets on my fridge from places I’ve been.
74. Quoting movies with friends.
75. Learning something new.
76. The mugs in my kitchen aren’t a matching set -- almost all were gifts.
77. Daydreaming about being a parent.
78. Knowing I did my best, no matter what the task was.
79. Scary stories, TV, & movies.
80. Watching old home movies.
81. Lying by the pool/ beach.
82. Laminating things for my classroom.
83. Chocolate!
84. Quaint old towns.
85. New school supplies.
86. Snow globes.
87. The first graffiti in the middle school bathroom read,”Hello Kitty Rocks.”
88. Inside jokes.
89. Funny noises.
90. Pretty designs/ patterns.
91. New tech-gadgets.
92. Swing music.
93. Catching nuances when watching movies.
94. Making a new friend.
95. Honesty.
96. Matryoshka dolls.
97. Living debt-free.
98. New shoes.
99. Ideas for a new project.
100. Hard-working students.
101. Star gazing.
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Photo added by Allie . 5 years ago
Everyone should take a moment to think of the things that make them truly happy in life. It will put you in better spirits, and make you more appreciative of the little moments in your day that make it all worthwhile. It's harder than you think, once you get into the 70's and 80's...
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Note added by Lilian Strous. 5 years ago
1. Mijn ouders
2. Bij mijn jongens zijn
3. Uit eten gaan
4. Slapen met Kitty
5. De hele dag in bed met de iPad op schoot
6. Iets lekkers koken van Big Oven
7. Fietsen
8. In de tuin klungelen
9. Een opgeruimde keuken
10. Een museum of tentoonstelling bezoeken
11. Wandelen op het Loo
12. Een zacht gekookt eitje eten met een snufje zout erop
13. De frisse ochtendlucht opsnuiven
14. Een middag in de bib doorbrengen
15. Onder de douche mijn haar wassen
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Photo added by Min Mohd. 5 years ago
Things that make me happy.

1. My camera (a Nikon D700)
2. My collection of old film camera (I have a yashica and an olympus that is still in good condition)
3. Books
4. Coffee Coffee Coffee
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Note added by Deborah. 5 years ago
This was actually a lot more difficult than I thought..
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Photo added by Raquel. 6 years ago
» weddings make me happy. i took this photo at my cousin's wedding on Sept. 15. she have a beautiful smile - i also have made a post about it on my blog:
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Photo added by Raquel. 6 years ago
1# banana split makes me happy (or just the ice cream)

[note: photo taken by me yesterday]
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Note added by Jo V. 6 years ago
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Note added by Trish. 6 years ago
1 Chocolate
2 Boots
3 Fourwheeling
4 Frisbee
5 Compliments
6 Harry Potter
7 Anything working on the first try
8 1000 Awesome Things Blog
9 How clean my mouth feels right after I brush my teeth
10 Autumn
11 Pumpkins & Pumpkin Flavored foods/drinks
12 The Song "Boys of Summer"
13 Having the best comeback or statement at the right time
14 Friends and Family
15 Geocaching
16 Finding a good movie on Netflix
17 Baking Cookies
18 Cats
19 Camping
20 Fireworks
21 Traveling
22 nice hotel rooms
23 national parks
24 rom-com movies
25 Norah Ephron Movies
26 Tom Hanks
27 Laughing so hard you can't breathe
28 Ordering the best of the table
29 My Kindle
30 How I feel after a good work out
31 Having an excellent Soundtrack for a Road Trip
32 Partly sunny and 72 degrees
33 Coming up with book ideas with Traci
34 Joking around with Coworkers
35 Finding forgotten money
36 Filling up the Coin Jar
37 Star Gazing
38 Watching thunderstorms off in the distance
39 Fleece Blankets
40 Hitting a green light
41 Completing a To-Do List
42 Satisfying a craving
43 Cartoons
44 A Warm Shower
45 Disney
46 Animal Watching
47 Christmas Decorations
48 Vacation Days
49 Vegetables right out of the Garden
50 Grilling
51 Finding Name correctly spelled on a Souvenior
52 Peanut Butter
53 Babies in Halloween Costumes
54 Remembering a good Dream
55 Great Photos
56 Iced Coffee
57 Recognizing what's outside the Plane Window
58 Getting Absorbed in a good book
59 Free Samples
60 Rocking out in the car with friends
61 Losing weight without trying
62 Trying a new food and liking it
63 Fire pits
64 Traci's Artwork
65 The leaves changing
66 Knowing all the words to a song
67 Halloween
68 Successfully cooking without a recipe
69 Exploring new roads
70 Visiting a new state
71 Getting in and out of a store quickly
72 Waking up feeling refreshed, not tired
73 Not having to parallel park
74 Winning
75 Watching a movie I've seen a thousand times, but still enjoy it each time
76 Hearing Meet-Cute stories
77 Acting like a Kid
78 making wishes at 11:11
79 Unloading the car in one trip
80 Sneaking food into the Theater
81 Quiete hike through the woods
82 Playing music in your head
83 Being out in the sun and not burning
84 Having a pen that writes like butter, and nobody steals it
85 Recognizing where a photo was taken
86 The cold side of the pillow
87 Laughing at a joke hours later
88 Having snow on Christmas
89 Business Trips
90 When you start to smell what's baking in the oven
91 First sweet corn of the season
92 Eye Candy
93 Good books
94 BBC Tv Shows
95 Day Trips
96 Getting checked out
97 Halloween Decorations
98 When my attempts of decorating are successful
99 Nose Goes
100 Being the only ones in a movie theater
101 Naps
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Note added by Jo V. 6 years ago
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Note added by Jo V. 6 years ago
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Note added by Janneke. 6 years ago
1. Jason Mraz talking about invisible bubblegum. 2. Lying in the damp grass on a warm spring day, watching white fluffy clouds in a bright blue sky that smells like March. 3. The anticipation before an enormous thunderstorm. 4. Lighting candles. 5. Singing along with a song only I can sing along to (because it’s unknown or there’s simply too much lyrics to know them all). 6. Hearing a song on the radio nobody knows but me. 7. Knowing that I get to read another chapter (or five) in that awesome book I’m reading just before going to bed. 8. Actually reading it. 9. Walking around in a museum, fairly bored, then suddenly being drawn to a piece that hits with such intensity you can’t think of anything else all day. 10. Visiting new places and taking a lot of pictures to be able to enjoy it when I get home. 11. Going ice skating and deciding to go inside the minute my toes are frozen – unfreezing them by drinking some delicious hot coco. 12. Walking along the beach in autumn, when the waves are as tall as buildings, the wind blows the air right into your lungs and the sand gives you a refreshingly rough scrub. 13. Coming home to find a postcard or letter waiting for me to read it. 14. Going to the cinema – leaving as a different person. 15. Drinking a cup of cappuccino in a cosy cafe with my best friends. 16. Watching a ‘The Making Of’-special of one of my favourite movies. 17. Watching the actual favourite movie. 18. Having a sleep-over with some friends. 19. Unexpectedly learning new things. 20. Knowing that whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it right and the result is going to be awesome. 21. After an afternoon of working finally seeing the result of your efforts and being happy about it. 22. Cleaning out the entire house with loud music on and the windows wide open to welcome in both sunshine and fresh air. 23. Coming home after a great holiday. 24. Waking up to hear the rain pounding on the window, knowing I don’t have to leave the house that day. 25. Watching the trailer of a movie I’m excited about for the first time. 26. Then watching it again and again and again. 27. Realising there’s going to be an awesome movie on television on my free evening. 28. Sitting in the cinema in anticipation of a great, awesome movie. 29. Receiving an old-fashioned handwritten letter. 30. A cup of hot, steaming, dark, caffeine-infused coffee in the morning. 31. Being able to sing along to a song I haven’t heard fora ges. 32. Baking cookies/cake/muffins/pie. 33. Rearranging all the books, CDs and DVDs I own. 34. Having a vase full of deliciously smelling flowers in my room. 35. Eating something I have never eaten before and discovering it tastes incredible. 36. Giving presents. 37. Receiving presents. 38. Getting comments on a weblog just seconds after actually posting it. 39. Taking pictures. 40. Watching interviews with actors/directors/artists I really like. 41. Kissing. 42. Hugging. 43. Enjoying a private joke with someone in the middle of a (group) conversation, while everyone else is clueless. 44. Getting free coffee at the train station. 45. Watching a brand new episode of Top Gear with my father. 46. Receiving definite word that Jason Mraz (or any artist I really, really love, for that matter) is coming to the Netherlands to play a couple of gigs. 47. The smell of freshly washed clothes. 48. Making plans to surprise somebody with something great. 49. Planning my holidays. 50. Getting asked out by a guy I really like. 51. Accidentally running into an old friend I haven’t seen in a long time and being able to talk like no time has passed. 52. Writing something, rereading it and discovering I really really like what I wrote. 53. Being proud of myself. 54. Rediscovering a song I haven’t heard in a long time and getting addicted to it once again. 55. Looking forward to a new episode of one of my favourite tv shows (like LOST or Wie Is De Mol?) – it can make any bad day end great. 56. The first cup of hot chocolate with whipped cream when winter has arrived. 57. Being told that I was right. 58. Telling a traffic-light that it has to turn green and seeing it turning green the second I say it. 59. Using big words. 60. Listening to and watching Michiel Veenstra and Gerard Ekdom in their radioshow on Friday. 61. Flirting. 62. Sharing a big cup of Ben & Jerry’s with my best friends. 63. Watching an episode of De Lama’s (although this partially makes me sad, too, because they stopped doing it). 64. Winning something. 65. Finally seeing the solution to some incredibly tricky dilemma I’ve been dealing with for a while. 66. Knowing exactly what to do. 67. Inside jokes. 68. Making other people laugh. 69. The first day of spring that’s warm enough for me to be outside without my coat on. 70. Changing something about my appearance, like getting a new hair cut. 71. Painting my nails a ridiculous colour, like bright green or yellow. 72. Playing dress-up. 73. Waking up and feeling fully rested, like you slept exactly the right amount of time. 74. Watching a game of soccer or a skating match and cheering the Dutchies on. 75. Seeing them actually win. 76. A tall glass of fresh, self made orange juice with ice cubes on a hot summer’s day. 77. Folding a paper plane that actually flies the length of the entire living room when thrown and touch down at exactly the right place. 78. Trying to throw something in the bin from a distance and scoring. 79. Going outside on a cloudless night to watch the stars. 80. Communicating without words. 81. Achieving goals. 82. New, refreshing thoughts and ideas. 83. Seeing the people I love being happy and content with their lives. 84. Adrenaline. 85. Traveling, whether by car, train, bike or foot. 86. Succesfully finishing something and being able to look forward to something new. 87. Fireworks. 88. Diving head-first into a swimming pool. 89. Staying up for a night with some friends, watching awesome movies and drinking a lot of coke. 90. Thanking God for all the wonderful things He has given me. 91. Looking at my tattoo and planning on getting more. 92. Being able to not take myself too seriously. 93. Beautiful words. 94. Putting a bunch of handpicked field flowers in a vase and let their smell fill my room. 95. The feeling of accomplishment after cleaning the house. 96. Hearing someone talking Spanish. Especially when a man talks Spanish. 97. Fangirling about something with somebody who’s just a big of a nerd as I am. 98. The smell of wet leather. 99. White lillies. 100. Dancing without caring who sees. 101. Reading this list.
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Note added by Jon Samuelson. 7 years ago
7) That moment when you're just about to fall asleep, and your breathing deepens, and the world just seems to start dropping away.
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Note added by Jon Samuelson. 7 years ago
6) The moment when the screen goes to black at the end of a really great movie, or reaching the end of a great book. That "Wow, that was awesome" feeling.
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Note added by Jon Samuelson. 7 years ago
1) Warm socks 2) Puppies 3) Sitting in front of a heater on cold days 4) Icicles forming in my beard 5) The first sip of a cold beer on a hot day
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Note added by Melissa Deere. 7 years ago
101 Things That Make Me Happy 1) Wyatt 2) Sunshine 3) Kid's laughter 4) Snooze 5) Good music 6) Purple 7) A great outfit 8) My family 9) Cozy sweaters 10) Great friends 11) Random notes 12) Getting Snail Mail 13) Surprises 14) The Beach 15) The Mountains 16) A good beverage 17) Italian Food 18) Mexican Food 19) My iPod 20) Singing 21) Scrabble 22) Unplugging 23) Scrapbooking 24) Getting that perfect shot 25) Taking pictures 26) Seeing people react to the pictures I take 27) Hallmark 28) Sending cards 29) Babies 30) Videos of funny things 31) Miss B 32) Birthdays 33) Celebrations 34) Love 35) Reading 36) Writing 37) Hiking 38) Nature 39) Kayaking 40) Hot tubs 41) Dancing 42) A Good Workout 43) Entertaining conversation 44) Movie quotes 45) Quotes in general 46) Zingers 47) Warm socks 48) A good pair of sweats 49) Warm wind 50) The dog park 51) Good Dramas 52) Good Documentaries 53) Watching friends debate, when I don't have a side 54) Cold Beer 55) Sarcasm 56) VLookup 57) Keeping up with folks via facebook 58) A great view 59) Hiking 60) Good smelling candles 61) Hallmark stores 62) Bookstores 63) Sushi 64) Crazy decorated Christmas houses (lights, music, etc.) 65) Olympic athlete stories (those side bars during the Olympics) 66) Funny videos on the internet 67) Old photos 68) Traveling 69) Good wine 70) A good pair of jeans 71) My red shoes 72) Pedicures 73) Massages 74) The tank not being on E 75) Good neighbors 76) Warm blankets 77) Being able to (usually) go where I want when I want to 78) Being able to let go 79) Great friends 80) Unconditional love 81) Having a great childhood 82) Having friends all over the US (and world) 83) My Alpha Phi gals 84) My ELK girls 85) KGnome 86) My Kiwanis friends 87) New opportunities 88) Scrapbooking 89) Michaels 90) A good haircut 91) Pretty things 92) Flowers 93) Doing good deeds 94) Being smart 95) A good bra 96) Making things happen 97) Entertaining things kids say 98) New handbags 99) No travel delays 100) Finding a princess parking spot 101) Checking stuff off lists!
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Note added by Elisabet Ollé. 7 years ago
4. Make lists
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Note added by Elisabet Ollé. 7 years ago
- Some songs, that remind me something - When after rain rise the sun - Look notebooks and buy it!
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Note added by Daniela Struck. 7 years ago