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Clean out the garage
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Note Added
Note added by Wendy Necaise. 1 years ago
I think the only real way this gets done is to do a little every weekend. How do you eat an elephant? Ideally, I would love to pull every last thing out of the garage and then sort it and put only the good stuff back. BUT it's not just my stuff in there and there are no shelves or storage of any kind, so the stuff that went back would just be a disaster. If I can get everyone to agree that no new stuff goes in, then it's easier to sort through what's in there a little at a time. Easier said than done, but here's hoping!
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Note added by J. T.. 7 years ago
2013/03/09 Cleaned out one side of the garage enough to bring car in before the storm tonight. Now, need to finish cleaning the other half of the garage.
Note Added
Note added by J. T.. 7 years ago
2013/03/08 I've been cleaning garage every day since Sunday (03/02/2013). Moved metal shelf from shed to garage. Moved tools & wood out of way for shelf. Moved stuff to shelf so I could put ladders in corner. Repurposed small white wire shelf that was where the ladders now are for folded clothes in my closet (killed 2 birds with one stone). I'd say another 2 days, and I'll be done. Goal: fit car in garage (and have room left over).
Note Added
Note added by J. T.. 7 years ago
2013/03/02 Started cleaning garage. Made room for a vehicle.
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Note added by Jackie Powell. 8 years ago
Done! Old grill thrown out. Toys purged. Sweeping done.
Note Added
Note added by Robert Williams. 8 years ago
It helps when you move!