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Buy a DSLR camera
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by Kelly Louise. 1 years ago
I've bought one - now I just need to master the art of DSLR photography. I sense another goal coming..
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Note added by Zaida Marston. 2 years ago
Technically it is a mirrorless SLR camera, but nearly the same thing! And I like it.
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Note added by Liss. 3 years ago
Got a Canon EOS 100D for Christmas '16
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Note added by Sebastian Cool. 4 years ago
I bought a camera today. I was planning on buying a DSLR camera but then I got to thinking, what am I going to do with this huge camera when I am travelling? So I bought a really nice systemcamera.
Photo added by Rob. 4 years ago
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Note added by Jiaxin Lee. 5 years ago
Nikon D5200
6 December 2014
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Note added by Rob. 5 years ago
My first DLSR: a Nikon D3300
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Note added by Samantha Erb. 6 years ago
November 2013 Nikon D5200!!!
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Note added by Ellie Crook. 6 years ago
Bought a Panasonic G6 - 17/10/13
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Note added by F F. 6 years ago
Bought from Harvey Norman Bondi by Soph and Penny a Nikon D5100 Body for 438 on Thursday 20th December 2012. Getting accessories separately from eBay. So excited
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Note added by Daniel. 7 years ago
So unbelievable, but I did it! Ended up with a Nikon D5100. I'm ashamed to admit that I haven't had any time to play with it, and I've left it at home for the past month. I can't be too worried about it though. I always knew the camera was a long term "investment" in a sense.
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Note added by Steve Palmer. 7 years ago
and learn how to use it!
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Note added by Cecilia Marie. 8 years ago
Not sure what the priority is for this vs. income right now, so someday...
Note Added
Bought the Canon EOS Rebel T2i from Best Buy.
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Note added by Ryan Marshall. 8 years ago
bought it 6/2011 but then took it back!
Note Added
Note added by Lucy Penny. 8 years ago ahhhh... shiny
Note Added
THis was actually a Christmas Present
Note Added
Note added by Haley Haberfield. 8 years ago
Got one as a christmas present from Scott! =D
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Note added by Toni Wittenberg. 9 years ago
drowned my 50D in Thailand - Ko phi phi