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Finish a 1000+ piece jigsaw
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by H. 14 days ago
20/03/2020 - I have bought the jigsaw now.
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Note added by Ludwig. 3 months ago
Started on Jan 3. Harder than I thought.
Photo added by Werka789. 2 years ago
3 months of hard work only to find out that 1 piece (from 6000) was missing
This jigsaw turned out to be bigger that I expected - 1,4m x 1m. I had to split it into 2 parts since I didn't have enough free space that wouldn't be in the middle of the room
This made assembling even more difficult, still I had so much fun that I decided to buy a new set right away, though only 3k pieces this time.

My new goal is to put together a jigsaw that has even more pieces, like 10k, but I have to rent a bigger room first xD
And I have to find such a set... I've only seen 8k and then 18k+ so far, which might be a tiny little bit too challenging, I'd probably give up halfway through ;)
Photo added by Malissa Hann. 3 years ago
Photo added by Ehrin Bass. 4 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Daisy. 4 years ago
I'm really bad at finishing things, I've bought the jigsaw and I'm going to put an alarm on my phone to remind me to do it.
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Note added by Amanda G. 4 years ago
My daughter and I started our first 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. We got the outside finished yesterday but still have the inside to do..
Note Added
Note added by Amanda G. 4 years ago
I got a jigsaw puzzle for Christmas from Santa Claus just not sure when it will be started..
Did this in under 24 hours while Marcus was away at Darrel's Stag 25/10/15
Note Added
Stained glass Disney puzzle
Photo added by Rob. 5 years ago
missing two pieces
Note Added
Note added by Sarah. 7 years ago
Bought a 1500 piece jigsaw last night!
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Note added by Nina D'Angelo. 8 years ago
I forgot how damn hard it is to do a jugsaw puzzle. Started a 1000+ one tonight and working on the frame. It may take a while. Slowly but surely
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Note added by Ve-chan. 9 years ago
START: 13/12/2010 END 16/12/2010
Note Added
We're missing 1 piece!!! George found it
Note Added
Note added by Stephanie Suber . 9 years ago
Purchased puzzle on 4/7/2010 - Started puzzle on 7/14/2010