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Grow out my hair
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love it!
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Note Added
Note added by Roxana Sorooshian . 4 years ago
Grew my hair out from a pixie. Got it long enough that, while it might not be described as 'long' by most people, it was as long as I've had it in years, and long enough that I decided to get another chop. Super pleased with my new bob & bangs!
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Note added by Danielle Marlin. 6 years ago
29May14 -- Got my hair shaped into an a-line!
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Note added by Emily Wolf. 6 years ago
Ive been taking Folic acid and Biotin for almost one month now and Im starting to see a difference
Photo added by Eva Lee. 6 years ago
Still going...
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Note added by Erin DeHart. 8 years ago
I'm going to go ahead and cross this puppy off now, since I've definitely completed it - but I will continue to grow this mane all the way through the final day
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Note added by Cj. 8 years ago
Right now its half way. I just want to grow pass my shoulders and want to see how it looks like.
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Note added by Mims. 8 years ago
and donut forget to cut the bangs periodically, i wan chic look for commencement, bitch!
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Note added by Lexi. 8 years ago
exactly a year after having it cut into a short pixie style, it's now below my collarbone! yay! It's starting to get long now.
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Note added by magnolia. 8 years ago
I've begun - but I backslid and cut the bangs. I want that long, beautiful, model looking kind of layered look that's so prevalent right now. Got a long ways to go on this needs to be cascading down my back to count.
Note Added
Note added by Holly E. G.. 10 years ago
Last haircut was December 23, 2009