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Note added by leigh . 1 years ago
i bought a new bed to start off the new year, even though i really couldn't afford to i decided i couldn't put it off any more if i ever wanted to sleep well again.
after my first couple of weeks with it i can say it was definitely the right thing to do. this is my first nice, proper, why-yes-i-AM-an-adult mattress. i bought a nectar during their holiday/year end sale.
this is such an upgrade over the way i've been living the past few years, from when i had to give away my ikea furniture and do some 'couch-surfing' for a few months (sounds more dramatic than it actually was), to having a new place to live and sleeping in a heap of blankets for months and months, to buying a deeply uncomfortable spring mattress that fell of the back of a truck (to be fair, the reason it's deeply uncomfortable now is because i'm fat now. it was fine when i was 70 pounds lighter.) now i have my first memory-foam and i'm definitely more comfortable on it.
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Note added by Victoria MB. 2 years ago
Tempur Extra Firm Memory Foam mattress, bought from Bensons (£1500)
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Note added by Phoebe Ava. 3 years ago
Mattress and platform ordered 8/18.
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Note added by Phoebe Ava. 4 years ago
Possibly upgrade to a double.
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Note added by Carey Selko. 4 years ago
Bought a sleep number bed.
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Note added by Jessica Bouldin. 6 years ago
New mattress from Ikea! LOVE it!