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Visit the Amazon Rainforest
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Amazon Rainforest
The Amazon rainforest, also known as Amazonia or Amazon jungle, is a moist broadleaf forest that covers most of the Amazon Basin of South America. This basin encompasses seven million square kilometers, of which five and a half million square kilometers (1.4 billion acres) are covered by the rainforest. This region includes territory belonging to nine nations.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on Amazon Rainforest and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors). Image by Phil P Harris.

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Note added by Samantha Orrange. 4 years ago
I am currently in the planning stages of this trip. It is no longer a far off someday, but happening in 2018 as a grad school graduation/30th birthday gift to myself!
As a single woman travelling alone, I've decided to go with a respected small tour group. The experience will still be extremely authentic and personal, as it won't be just a cruise or stay in one spot. The tour will hike, kayak and riverboat through several countries, explore ruins and get to see a lot of what this mysterious place has to offer!
It's a bit weird to have something you've dreamed of since you were a little girl become so real- but I love it!
Note Added
I want to take you to Manaus.

And we'll stay in a small hotel and tour the rainforest by day. Just a few days on a boat down the river.