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Learn to play the guitar
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Note added by Winniethepooh86. 3 years ago
Take the intro to guitar course
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Brett gave me a guitar and I've been going through the book I got when I started trying to learn Mom's guitar. I think I'm going to have to clip my fingernails on my left hand in order to play the chords. Boo. Guess I'll have to quit playing for a few weeks before the wedding.

2014-7-27 I'm halfway through Mel Bay's Grade 1 book and I just put Grade 2 on my wishlist. I can play several major chords (A, B, C, D, E, F,G, Am, Bb, Cmaj7, Dm, D7, Em, G7) and a few others when I have the chord diagram in front of me. My best songs are ones that have the chords close, so I don't have to move that far too fast. Little Big Town "Boondocks", George Gershwin "Summertime", and Norah Jones "Come Away with Me" are ones I can do pretty well right now.
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Note added by Niki. 6 years ago
I got a guitar a couple of birthdays ago and started with gusto but this petered off and now I haven't played it in a long time. So I've started simple, going over the very basics with the little girl I babysit for's beginner's guitar book and her kiddie size pink guitar after she's gone to sleep! So far so good - I will get chord changes down this time.
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Photo added by Kim Sweeney. 7 years ago
First step to learning - have a guitar
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Note added by Kat. 8 years ago
Got my guitar
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learnt open chords... bar chords, strumming and finger style still left.
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Note added by Lotte Meijer. 8 years ago
Studying hard!
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Note added by Brandon Smith. 8 years ago
bought a guitar and have started a few lessions i found online.
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Note added by Ayumi Watanabe. 8 years ago
More lessons, moremoremore!
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Note added by Vicky Nagy. 8 years ago
Did a beginners guitar course
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Note added by Jacob. 8 years ago
I will have to play guitar each day for at least half an hour.
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Note added by Vicky Nagy. 8 years ago
Got a guitar on 17/08/2011 from Jesse
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Note added by Samantha. 8 years ago
Committed to lessons. Now just have to commit to the practice