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Pay for someone else’s food behind me at the drive-thru
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Note Added
Note added by Emma . 1 years ago
I had wanted to do this for a while but the person behind me was never the 'right' person. It's not that some people are more deserving of kindness or generosity than others, but as an example I knew that my budget wouldn't stretch to paying for a family of five. And sometimes you just get a vibe about whether or not it's the right time to do something like this. You want it to be taken in the spirit in which it was intended.

I went to get breakfast on this particular morning, and as I pulled into the drive through a marked police car came in behind me. It was a single-crewed car with one male police officer in the driver's seat. I have a huge amount of respect for the police and I know firsthand how hard they work often without the chance for a meal break. For me, this was absolutely the right person. I paid for the police officer's order when I paid for mine, and a minute later when he got to the payment window and realised what I'd done he put his hand out of the window and put his thumb up. He's in a tough and often thankless profession, so I hope that I brightened his day a little and let him know that he's respected and appreciated.
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Note added by Jen P. 3 years ago
Done 1/31/17 - Starbucks
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Note added by Chereeka Straker . 3 years ago
Twice at Chick fil a
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Note added by Brianne Scott. 3 years ago
Paid for coffee for the policeman behind me who was working on Easter Sunday.
Photo added by Malissa Hann. 4 years ago
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Note added by Tara Riemer . 4 years ago
Taco Bell in Anchorage on November 23rd. What fun!
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Note added by Richard Tuthill. 6 years ago
Had to do this without eating Fast food so it was a little challenging. So I made it easy and went to Starbucks to buy my co-workers coffee. The people behind me ordered 16 bucks worth of coffee which I have no idea if that is expensive or not for coffee.
Note Added
Note added by Monica McNamara. 7 years ago
Left money at Panera
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Note added by Shoney Mitchell. 8 years ago
Paid for groceries trying to stay out of ff. Jan 2010