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Note Added
Note added by Crossroad . 26 days ago
All of these are areas I am working on but sometimes forget.
I am better at some and worse at others

1. Be diciplined and ambitious with myself
2. Stay on track and actually reach and keep my ideal weight
3. Be healthy and fit
4. Create a living for myself to be proud of (instead of living through some boyfriend)
5. Ignore the doubt inside and just believe in myself
6. Stop sabotaging myself but instead have selfworth
7. Stop talking so much but listen more
8. Be independent but flexible
9. Be more goal oriented and actually create a better life for myself
10. Stop overthinking and overreacting
11. Enjoy life and living
12. Be happy and ok with being happy
13. Be overbearing and patient but not let others affect my mood or decision
14. Be focused on ways to make money
15. Be grateful, thankful and appreciative
16. Have good relationships with other people
17. Always be kind and calm
18. Be generous and supportive
19. Take good care of myself
20. Prove to people they were wrong about me
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 6 months ago
Find a goal and stay assertive
Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 1 years ago
1. Cut my hair. Like 10cm cut, which is huge deal for me. Done!
2. Dye my hair.
3. Lose tummy.
4. Strenghten core.
5. Become flexible.
6. Stay focused on a goal.
Note Added
Note added by Mystery. 1 years ago
stop procrastinating
less using of social media
stop worrying about what other peoples think about me
change my carreer
read more and exercise
stop complaining and being greatful for things in my life
I want to develope posetive self talk and meditate
Being good speaker and writer in English
Start living by setting goals and working to acomplish
Not depend on others
develop self confidence and being happy
learn new things everyday
Make new friends
Being organized and using my time efectively
creating a good family
Give time for my spritual life
Note Added
Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
I want to:

1. be more straightforword. (IN PROGRESS - 75% -> Stop Seeking Approval/Stop Giving a F about What Other People Think Challenge really helped here. (April 19, 2018 -> today is day #67 of this ''challenge'' and it feels like I literally developed a new personality.)
2. get organized. (IN PROGRESS - 69% -> I still have to delete two old email accounts + delete all the messages = find my old emails from my clients; I have to buy LaCie hard drive + back up my files/documents, photos...; I have to improve my time management and organize my documents)
3. be more creative.
+/- 4. gain weight. (at least 5kg) (11kgs gained, now I want to gain another 10kgs *mostly in muscle mass) -> Lost everything due to my health issues + I still can't go back to lifting weights/working out... anything
5. become a morning person
✓ 6. medtitate daily. (Delta/Theta waves every night + Alpha/Beta/Gamma when I need to focus -studying/working)
7. stop being a perfectionist. (It's a never ending process... At least, right now I am able to focus solely on my own progress/standards/opinions)
9. stop postponing. (IN PROGRESS -> never ending health problems... I can't really plan anything/be consistent)
10. stop worrying so much and focusing on what I don’t want to happen.
11. learn how to relax. (I always feel like I'm wasting my time.)
12. be more persistent. (IN PROGRESS -> again, I can't improve right now)
+/- 13. exercise regularly + join a gym (had to stop)
14. improve my body language.
15. improve the way I speak. + join Toastmasters (courses for both leaders and speakers)
16. be a better/more influential manager and sales rep. (always in progress.)
17. be a better entrepreneur (IN PROGRESS)
18. be a better planner. (IN PROGRESS -> not possible right now)
19. read every day.
20. be more decisive. (IN PROGRESS)
+/- 21. improve my posture. (Lifting definitely helped but now I'm back to my old posture)
22. be true to myself. (IN PROGRESS -> Again, the challenge helped me tremendously. I don't hold back anymore. I don't tell people just what they want to hear. I don't feel the need to lie in order to be ''accepted'' and I don't pretend everything is fine when it's not.)
23. become a polyglot (IN PROGRESS)
- Polish (native - But is it really? ''When you speak two languages but start losing vocabulary in both
of them - Byelingual'' -> This pretty much summarizes my fluency at this point... and I live in
- Spanish (B1/B2) -> somehow, I manage to incorporate Italian grammar all the time. At least I can
read/listen. I have to respond in English, though.
- Italian (A2/B1) -> I can read/listen. I know dozens of words. - I can't speak.
- English (almost C2 -> there's always something to learn...)
- Russian (A1)
- Portuguese (A0)
✓ 24. be more punctual.
✓ 25. be more knowledgeable about bodybuilding, psychology, personal development, feminism,
photography, neuroscience, marketing, management... (IN PROGRESS)
26. become ruthless when it comes to achieving goals.
Note Added
Note added by Cintia. 3 years ago
Lead a healthier life.
Stop procrastinating and be more organized and productive.
Be more grateful and less resentful.
Stop worrying so much and be more spontaneous.
Don't let other people get under my skin so often.
Note Added
Note added by Rebecca. 5 years ago
I want to stop wasting so much time daydreaming and browsing the internet
I want to be more focused on my goals
I want to feel confident in my own body
I want thicker, more well-maintained hair
I want to be more physically fit (more flexible and generally stronger)
I want to not care what anyone else says
I want to be less judgemental
I want to be a nicer person
I want to be a more social and friendlier person
I want to be well read
Note Added
Note added by Chloe Chetwood. 5 years ago
1. Weight
2. Clothing size
3. Mentality
4. Confidence
5. Eating habits
6. Spending habits
7. Exercise habits
8. Motivation problems / procrastination
9. Timekeeping (with assignment deadlines)
10. Pessimism towards life
Note Added
Note added by linu alex. 5 years ago
Note Added
Note added by linu alex. 5 years ago
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Note added by Stacy Mar. 5 years ago
i did this with my journal!
Photo added by Christie Ann P. 5 years ago
Photo added by Masha Harris . 5 years ago
Wrote this one on my Livegerbil.
Note Added
Note added by Masha Harris . 5 years ago
1. My weight. I would like to be 131 pounds lighter. I would settle for being 86 pounds lighter.
2. The state of my career. I want to make a name for myself. I'd like to be well-known in the Vermont library community, but I'd also like to speak at regional or national conferences.
3. The PTSD. I would like to get to a point where I'm okay with what happened, with what I do and do not remember. I'd like to be able to get some peace while not being able to remember the man's face. I'd like to try to stop remembering and just become okay.
4. I spend WAY too much money. If I saved half of the money I spend on unnecessary items, I would have enough for a second vacation this year.
5. My anxiety. It's much better than it was, but it's still pretty bad.
6. I'm lazy about Lemon. It truly is too cold to take him out, but I don't know if I would if it weren't. I don't do much in terms of playing with him or training him. I basically just give him a rawhide and go to bed when he's done chewing on it.
7. I'm too scared to start exercising. It's bullshit, I know it's bullshit, but I can't help it.
8. I've been having "stomach strugs" (constipation) for over a year.
9. I don't have very many friends. I have wonderful amazing close friends, but only like four of them. I want to have more friends so more people come to my parties.
10. I don't know how to make friends. See anxiety (above).
11. My dependence on my parents.
12. I feel like I'm a really lazy person. I'm hoping 101 Things in 1001 Days will help change that!

I might think of more, but honestly, there aren't that many glaringly obvious ones, and why would I sit around and wrack my brain trying to think of reasons I suck, when I could be making a list that makes me feel really positive?
Note Added
Note added by Amira Fearnley. 6 years ago
- Issues behind weight
- Comfort eating
- Excercise incompatability
- Self Confidence lacking
- Skin [done]
- Arm hair issue [in progress]
- Incessant Pessimisim
- Poor Hair quality [in progress]
- Study choice failiure [in progress]
- Financial insecurity
- Stretch marks [tackling as can]
- Sense of failiure
- Knee Pain
- Heel Pain
- Shoulder Pain
- Timidness
- Procrastination Habit
- Leg Hair issues [In Progress]
- Flexability [In Progress]
- Underarm hair
- Temper
Note Added
Note added by Jess Peters. 8 years ago
ok, here;s the negatives, now I'm going to write down the positives. I think there should also be a kind of a thing where you can write down what you could do about said things, if at all. Because I realized while I was doing this, that yeah I can do something about a lot of them. Like in that movie "Bedazzled," that song at the end: "If you want to be somebody else/If you're tired of fighting battles with yourself/If you want to be somebody else/change your mind..."
Note Added
Note added by Ines. 8 years ago
Changes i want: 1. loose weight 2. more patience 3. not that much chaos - clean up more often 4. not being that lazy 5. enjoy things i really like 6.
Note Added
Note added by Shatema Brown . 8 years ago
Things I want to change about myself 1. Attitude 2. Be more positive 3. Learn to Save Money 4. Be a better mom (you can never to to good at this there is always room for improvement) 5. Weight
Note Added
Note added by Kit MacConnell. 8 years ago
And then take steps in changing them.
Note Added
* Keep strong when I try to better myself over time * Get involved in life, get more out of life. * Less video games and internet reading, more music playing and book reading * Increase my self discipline * Increase my self confidence * Increase my overall fitness * Become more mature * Become more socially inclined * Exercise more often mentally and physically * Practice consistency, especially when working * Stop Procrastinating * Get a more consistent sleeping schedule * Stop focusing my faults focusing on my strengths * Practice cautious optimism at every opportunity * Play games for less than two hours a day * Tone down on impulsiveness * Get out of debt * Slow down once in a while * Earn and save more money, get myself out of debt * Spend more time with family and friends * Don't let first impressions of others completely influence my judgment *Write more often
Note Added
-Social introversion/ineptitude
Note Added
-discipline -Self-Confidence -Fitness -Dependency/Maturity
Note Added
Note added by Lolly Pop. 9 years ago
And then go about improving them.
Note Added
My weight (want to lose weight). My skin (want it to be flawless). My dress sense (want to be less lazy). My makeup (want to do it everyday). My hair (same as makeup). My nails (want to stop biting). My teeth (want them to be whiter).