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Catch a snowflake on my tongue
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love it!
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Photo added by Megan . 1 years ago
Snapped this pic of the huge, fluffy snow coming down at my morning bus stop before I managed to catch not just one but several-- felt like a kid again and definitely made a chilly commute a little better. Just looking up into the sky and watching them drift down felt magical.
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Note added by Aden Lynch. 1 years ago
Surprisingly, it was not actively snowing while I was in Iceland, but when I got back to Beijing it was snowing big beautiful flakes. So, I stuck my tongue out, and caught one! Points for living like a child as an adult!
Photo added by Breanna. 1 years ago
Winter storm hit so I went outside.
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Note added by Tia Robertson. 2 years ago
Surprise snow storm! Thank goodness, I missed completing this on Christmas morning last year!
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Note added by Samantha Downing. 5 years ago
2/17/15 Snow day! Got to stay home from work and had the opportunity to play in the snow with my family.
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I live in north of Norway and if it's one thing we got alot of up here, it's snow. So this one: easy...
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Note added by Nikie Veld. 7 years ago
january 14th It is snowing outside. Moeilijker te vangen dan het lijkt.
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Note added by Michelle Lee. 7 years ago
In Hokkaido, Japan
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Note added by Gorana K. 7 years ago
Allways doing this when there is a snow with big snowflakes ;)
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Note added by Lisa. 8 years ago
February 2012
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Note added by Kelly Walsh. 8 years ago
Had to make sure I did this one with one of the only snow storms of the winter! 2/29/12
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Note added by Alex. 8 years ago
24.1. - it was snowing for 10 Minutes so I ran out to catch one
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needs: falling snow
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Note added by Anja. 8 years ago
Didn't think it would be possible this winter but I just did it! It's snowing although it is a bit too warm and the snow melts as soon as it touches the ground...
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Note added by Anja. 8 years ago
Have seen not a single snowflake this year so far...
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Note added by Nic E Less. 8 years ago
Went to Canada with Mike to have our Canadian Engagement party and it snowed!
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Note added by McKenzie Ziegler. 8 years ago
First snowfall 11/29/11!
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Note added by Casey. 9 years ago