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Write a children's book
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Photo added by Deborah. 1 years ago
I wrote a Children's book in March of 2016 titled The Mel Monsta.
A shy little girl named Symphony scarcely speaks above a whisper. One day she meets Mel Monsta, a special little monster who unlike Symphony, loves to RawR! The two new friends go on an adventure searching high and low for Symphony's hidden voice. Will Mel be able to help Symphony discover her own voice and finally be heard?
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Note added by melissa wise. 4 years ago
I wrote a little story about a dummy fairy. It was a cute story, that I started when he was ready to get rid of his dummy at age 2ish. Finally finished it! I even had it looked over by a professional editor and I may get round to working on it with the view to publishing it someday!
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Note added by melissa wise. 5 years ago
Finally started to write a little book! More details to follow
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Note added by Kayla Sharee. 6 years ago
Tutti is having trouble communicating with the other owls. It isn't until she learns how to use correct grammar that she is able to make friends.

My friend Ashlee also suggested: “Maybe the other owls leave her out, even though she wants to go toooooooo (in an owl-like hoot).”
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Note added by Dawna Murphy. 6 years ago
I think that I would like to write the book about Theo and his lion, Baxter.
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Note added by Melissa Burk. 9 years ago
I'm going to record some of the Adventure stories that dad makes up for Carmella about Rocky, Dakota, and Oliver. Then I'll compile them into a book of short stories.
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"Birds, Bats, and Medical Things" for Jessa.
"Trevor the Alien" for Brittany.