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Make a list of 25 things that I like about myself and stick it to my mirror
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Note Added
Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
1. athletic body
2. an hourglass figure
3. nails (or hands in general)
4. voice
5. spontaneity
6. sense of humor
7. I am always willing to challenge myself and learn new things.
8. I am straightforward.
9. I am open-minded.
10. I don't seek out social acceptance. I would never put my life on hold to accommodate someone else’s idea of who I should be.
11. It's quite difficult to offend me.
12. Many people find me quite intimidating. It helps me a lot on a daily basis.
13. I never settle for anything other than my best effort.
14. I don't make excuses. I always try to produce results.
15. Attention to details.
16. The fact that it's quite easy for me to gain muscle mass.
17. I never settle for ''second best''.
18. The fact that I don't need to surround myself with other people.
19. My sense of style.
20. The fact that I created several sources of income.
21. Learning foreign languages is really easy for me.

Note Added
Note added by LadyBug. 3 years ago
10 things done, 15 more to go. Hey, this helps me to beat the laziness and not skip on skin care routine XD
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Note added by melissa wise. 5 years ago
Ok, so not going to be stuck around my mirror - as I don't have one in my room. So have made a colourful poster instead to stick on my bedroom wall.
Note Added
Note added by melissa wise. 6 years ago
I've written the list, I just need to write them up and stick them to my mirror!
Note Added
I wrote my list 5/5/14 and it was very difficult to think of that many positive things about myself. It is done though.
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Note added by Jessica Graham. 8 years ago
1. My eyes 2. My eyelashes 3. My lips
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Note added by Stephanie Pinch. 8 years ago
1. My eyes 2. How much I love my children
Note Added
Note added by Moxie. 8 years ago
Done Fall 2011
Note Added
I actually did it!
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Note added by Alicia. 9 years ago
1. Artsy side 2. Lover of books 3. not a gossiper 4. positive outlook 5. calm mannered 6. respect all people and animals 7. resiliant 8. trusting girlfriend 9. patient 10. believe in other people 11. argue nicely 12. good with money 13. always trying to improve 14. writer, blogger
Note Added
needs: pen, paper, a mirror
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Note added by Elaine. 9 years ago
In mijn groene boekje